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Ace of Spades Makes a Better Case for Rick Perry’s Candidacy Than Rick Perry Has Managed to, Thus Far…

Ace remains a right-wing favorite for several reasons: his blog has a bracing, the-devil-with-you attitude which diverts nothing from it’s thoroughgoing geekiness, and his commenters, for sheer entertainment, may be the best in the blogosphere (so Breitbart thinks, anyway). But more than this, is Ace himself as a writer. He has a style equally laid-back and brainy, mixing, as it were, the mediciney hobo-blood of Serious Commentary with a spoonful of sugary Valu-Rite. Ace’s long-form rants are digestible, which makes them persuasive.

So it should suprise no one that, when Ace lays it out and says why he still backs Perry, he makes a strong case. Read the whole thing, of course, but in a nutshell, Perry is the guy who knows how to do what needs doing, because, like Reagan, he’ll only do a few things. He’ll be more conservative than Romney, less erratic than Gingrich, and not a yammering, goon-flecked Bircher or up-jumped three-term Representative with more spirit than sense.

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Kim Jong Il Will be Ronery in the Afterlife…

Abandon all hope, you fat little piggie. (h/t: Memeorandum)

The leader, reputed to have had a taste for cigars, cognac and gourmet cuisine, was believed to have had diabetes and heart disease.

The sin carries its own punishment. May the new King President, Kim Jong Un, excel his father in the indulgence of his pleasures.

THIS MAN IS WITTIER THAN ME: “I’d like to think God let Havel and Hitchens pick the third.”

Hat tip: Ed Driscoll, who has the following consolation to the Norks by Pezman Yousefzadeh: “I feast upon your tears”

St. Joe’s Owns Villanova

It’s no secret to those who read by “About” section, but I went to St. Joseph’s University, to receive instruction from a sinster cabal of Jesuits.

Anytime we beat Villanova, it matters, because we care about the rivalry, but ‘Nova doesn’t.

74-58. Nice.

The Good Greatsby Owns the Packers

But he’s prepared to buy low and sell high:

I should make clear, just because I’m prevented from owning another team doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to sell my share back to the Packers in the event someone wants to give me a majority in an NFL team for Christmas. (Note: Please don’t buy me the Miami Dolphins. Or the Seattle Seahawks. Or the Chicago Bears as long as Jay Cutler is the quarterback. I’ve asked around and nobody is sure whether the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars still exist, but if they do, I’m not interested. Cincinnati Bengals need not apply.)

Note that he does not mention the Vikings, which is rather a glaring omission for a Cheesehead. Or he completely dismisses the notion that anyone would want to own the Vikings; the sagacity of which I cannot dispute.

Vaclav Havel, RIP

All due respect to Christopher Hitchens, but this man had more skin in the game, and more success.

“When the internal crisis of the totalitarian system grows so deep that it becomes clear to everyone,” he declared, “and when more and more people learn to speak their own language and reject the hollow, mendacious language of the powers that be, it means that freedom is remarkably close, if not directly within reach.”

So to me, the question is not whether Havel is as important as Hitchens, but whether he’s as important as Solzhenitsyn.


Don’t expect the media to make a big deal of it. He was the wrong kind of dissenter, being too American for Europe. The fact that he never won a Peace Prize, while Yasser Arafat and Barack Obama did, says something very fundamental about the corruption and uselessness of that once-honorable achievement.