Books I’ve Written

Everything is on my My Author Page, but here’s a complete history of my published work:

  1. In the Beginning. A one-act play in which God and the Devil observe the Fall of Man.
  2. Language is a Mighty Lord: A Gorgias Reader. A complete collection of the ancient sophist’s surviving works, plus the essay “An Encomium of Gorgias” a defense/parody.
  3. Typing Into the Void: Essays, Reviews, and Other Outrages, 1999-2011An anthology of bloggery and unpublished pontificating.
  4. Solar System Blues. A fugitive astronaut argues with his ship computer and his semi-daughter as he tries to find a new home for humanity.
  5. The Little Guerrilla Platoons. A man is driven to revolt against his HOA head. Also available on iBooks.
  6. The Right of Revolution. A short essay discussing how revolt has historically been justified, ranging from the Bible to Marx.
  7. The Devil Left Him. Yeshua meets the Satan in the Desert. Grand theological conflicts ensue.
  8. The Party at the Last Tomorrow. Apocalypse. Drugs. War. Birth.


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