Books I’ve Written

Everything is on my My Author Page, but here’s a complete history of my published work:

  1. In the Beginning. A one-act play in which God and the Devil observe the Fall of Man.
  2. Language is a Mighty Lord: A Gorgias Reader. A complete collection of the ancient sophist’s surviving works, plus the essay “An Encomium of Gorgias” a defense/parody.
  3. Typing Into the Void: Essays, Reviews, and Other Outrages, 1999-2011An anthology of bloggery and unpublished pontificating.
  4. Solar System Blues. A fugitive astronaut argues with his ship computer and his semi-daughter as he tries to find a new home for humanity.
  5. The Little Guerrilla Platoons. A man is driven to revolt against his HOA head. Also available on iBooks.
  6. The Right of Revolution. A short essay discussing how revolt has historically been justified, ranging from the Bible to Marx.


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