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Indiana Jones and the Blah of Whatever

Everyone and their dog has taken a shot at the most recent Indiana Jones movie, and rightfully so. Compared to the original trilogy, it’s a staid, bizarre bore. But what’s really wrong with it, at heart?

Well, Red Letter Media has issued its own 2-Part Plinkett Review, which covers the basics: Speilberg Ideas, good; Lucas Ideas, bad. It also suggests that all the principals involved (Ford, Speilberg, Lucas) have lost their mojo, and no longer have the guts to show guts, gore, or possibly offensive things.

That may be well and perfectly true. But I think the real problem is that the fourth movie suffers from this:

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Things That I Hope Other New Fathers Have Thought Within the First Week of Their Child’s Life…

  • “So this is what insomnia feels like. I wonder if I’m going to get so tired I’ll create a cool alter ego of myself who wants to blow up credit card companies. I mean, I wouldn’t mind doing that normally, so…”
  • “I am going to find out what breast milk tastes like. This is going to happen.”
  • “Is that a smile? Or did she just void her bladder?”
  • “I see we’re still trying to suck exclusively on the sleeve I’m trying to get your hand in. Well played, small one.”
  • “Did I just sit through some ersatz version of The View featuring the goth-y teen from Roseanne? What the hell is going on?”
  • “I know there’s some kind of medicinal augury that can be done on the fact that my baby’s poop looks like German Chocolate Icing. But do I want to meet the person who can do it?”

“Iran is going to stop it’s nuclear program, or bombs are going to fall.”

Let it never be said that Walter Russel Mead does not know how to close a column.

I’m not sure if I buy the premise. Even if Mead is right, it could be the Administration is hoping Iran will believe that they are serious, rather than actually being serious.

That we are in “something of a pre-war atmosphere with Iran,” on the other hand, would seem obvious to anyone who’s been awake for the last thirty years.

Questions abound:

  1. Does Obama really think he’s going to get the UN on board with this?
  2. Is he prepared to lead a ‘coalition of the willing’ into Iran?
  3. Will Cindy Sheehan’s head explode, or just go into a series of unsightly jerks that will last the rest of her life?

Ace of Spades Makes a Better Case for Rick Perry’s Candidacy Than Rick Perry Has Managed to, Thus Far…

Ace remains a right-wing favorite for several reasons: his blog has a bracing, the-devil-with-you attitude which diverts nothing from it’s thoroughgoing geekiness, and his commenters, for sheer entertainment, may be the best in the blogosphere (so Breitbart thinks, anyway). But more than this, is Ace himself as a writer. He has a style equally laid-back and brainy, mixing, as it were, the mediciney hobo-blood of Serious Commentary with a spoonful of sugary Valu-Rite. Ace’s long-form rants are digestible, which makes them persuasive.

So it should suprise no one that, when Ace lays it out and says why he still backs Perry, he makes a strong case. Read the whole thing, of course, but in a nutshell, Perry is the guy who knows how to do what needs doing, because, like Reagan, he’ll only do a few things. He’ll be more conservative than Romney, less erratic than Gingrich, and not a yammering, goon-flecked Bircher or up-jumped three-term Representative with more spirit than sense.

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