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Ace Cuts Ron Paul Into Tiny Little Pieces, Then Jumps on Them

Anyone, it seems, can take a ride on the Not-Mitt Roller Coaster.

It’s all pretty devestating, but here’s the twist of the knife:

And no one seems to care about this, but as Ben Domench was noting yesterday on Twitter, Ron Paul’s posture as a “small government conservative” is a lie. While he makes sure he votes against every appropriations bill, he nonetheless inserts billions in earmarks for his home district, and calls himself principled for doing so.

In other words, while he talks a good game about limiting federal spending, he has immunized himself from the political consequences of taking a hardline stance on the federal government’s sugar-daddyism, by making sure all of his local special interests get paid.

Including in areas of obvious federal concern, like connecting bike trails in the greater Galveston metropolitan area.

Hey, Jefferson rode a Huffy. It’s in The Constitution, man.

I don’t know how no one considered that someone who attracts obnoxious, faux-conservative mob-fodder followers could be an obnoxiously racist, fake conservative.

China: The Thing About Crises

Crises, as yesterday’s Dynastic Cycle chart (which is every Dynastic Cycle chart you looked at in school) shows, tends to happen all at once.

So the rebellion in Wukan coincides with the collapse of China’s credit markets, with the stock markets following close behind.

Chinese stocks are flashing warning signs. The Shanghai index has fallen 30pc since May. It is off 60pc from its peak in 2008, almost as much in real terms as Wall Street from 1929 to 1933.

Now authoritarian regimes are often able to handle crises. But if they don’t…

The past is the future.

On the Premises of Yesterday’s Post

Last night I dropped the H-word. Even saying that strikes me as funny, because the slurs that have been applied to white people have always so struck me. “Cracker” has obvious snack-related joke connections; “ofay” seems to be a kind of breakfast cereal, perhaps an ersatz Cream of Wheat. Only “paleface” ever seems to really rise to the level of insult, calling to mind Aaron the Moor’s denunciation of melanin lack from Titus Andronicus:

Fie, treacherous hue, that will betray with blushing
The close enacts and counsels of the heart!

And “Honky”? I can never say it without imagining it in a warped child’s toy jingle, such as Homey the Clown might have sung:

What sails the seas
Brings you to your knees
Enslaves all your neighbors and friends
What slows your advance
But yet cannot dance
Everyone knows, it’s Honky!

So yes, when I use such a word as this, I use it with a great degree of studied irony. I am not “taking it back” from the African-Americans who invented it. I don’t even know if African-Americans use it much anymore. It seemed to have it’s highest cachet in the Black Power days of the late 60’s to early 70’s, but for all I know black people say it all the time when the ofays are out of earshot.

So this is not about double-standards; this is about being obnoxious to one’s political opponents. I have a theory, shared by many on my side of the aisle, that accusations of racism mostly serve one group of white people to discredit another group (the “wrong kind of white people” as Stuff White People Like puts it). Thus, Janean Garafalo’s almost reflexive accusation that the Tea Party must be racist.

Tea Partiers are by definition the wrong kind of white people, because they do not leaven their patriotism with shame. One sees significant cultural pressure, from academia and other instituions, which seem to teach whites to detest the culture that they come from and continually apologize for it. This is defended as a necessary corrective to past imperialism, even as it supports ever-greater authoritarianism on the part of the federal government, directed especially at those activities, such as public prayer and coal-mining, that the wrong kind of white people engage in.

There was much about last night’s post that was, to say the least, intemperate. But politics is in many ways the art of strategic intemperance, of marshalling pathos to achieve an end. Sometimes an obnoxious turn of phrase uncovers an unpleasant reality, such as the devotion of our chattering class to a cultural dialogue that achieved its goal fifty years ago (That’s right. The Sixties are now as far away as World War One was to the Sixties). Sometimes the truth needs blunt telling.

So, from time to time, as politics will provoke, I will use the H-Word to refer to those who insist that the historical sins of white Americans are unique and special evils that must prostrate their descendants, rather than manifestations of a common ugliness that all peoples, at various times, have shown themselves capable of. That white Americans have demonstrated no proof, and much counter-evidence, to their old claims of being God’s Favorite, I cannot dispute. That they are the greatest of all possible villains, I must reject with gales of mocking laughter.

The Racism of Honky Guilt

“Honky” derives from the Wolof word honque, or “pink man.” Wolof is the source of several common slang words in American English, such as “jive,” “dig,” and “hip.” They’re among the few things that the slaves brought with them.

I don’t use the word as a means to co-opt black racism for my own personal liberation. Rather, I throw the word in the face of uptight pomo bourgeois white progressive racists. Or, as I prefer, Self-Hating Honkies.

All of which is prelude to this (h/t: Protein Wisdom):

The Communists are Just Another Dynasty

And it appears they are soon to lose the Mandate of Heaven. (h/t: Instapundit)

Thousands of Wukan’s residents, incensed at the death of one of their leaders in police custody, gathered for a second day in front of a triple-roofed pagoda that serves as the village hall.

For five hours they sat on long benches, chanting, punching the air in unison and working themselves into a fury.

At the end of the day, a fifteen minute period of mourning for their fallen villager saw the crowd convulsed in sobs and wailing for revenge against the local government.

“Return the body! Return our brother! Return our farmland! Wukan has been wronged! Blood debt must be paid! Where is justice?” the crowd screamed out.

Wukan’s troubles began in September, when the villagers’ collective patience snapped at an attempt to take away their land and sell it to property developers.

Land was the communist promise. That was how they bought the support of the peasants: with the illusion of control over their own land. Like all communist promises, this was a lie, but it was a lie that the peasants were prepared to accept so long as they had only the insolence of office and the law’s delay to deal with. But now the landlords are returning.

Although China suffers an estimated 180,000 “mass incidents” a year, it is unheard of for the Party to sound a retreat.

UPDATE: Other McCain says (or posts a reader saying) the story needs to go viral. He is right.

AND FURTHERMORE: Ladd Ehlinger makes the distinction between Rebellion Theater and actual rebellion:

For those in league with the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring, a question for you. Why aren’t you helping these poor people out in Wukan? Anonymous and Lulzec: occupying Wall Street isn’t quite the same as occupying Tienanmen Square, is it? If any of you cared about freedom and liberty, you’d be all over China like smell on dead fish.

Instead, you try to shut down the ports of Portland, Oregon (economically hurting countless American workers and yes, even union members), when you’re not busy putting 91 people out of work at the Milk Street Cafe.

It reminds me of Machiavelli. Taking over Wall Street, like rebelling against the King of France, is easy to do, and therefore hardly worth the effort. Taking over Tienanmen Square, like rebelling against the Ottoman Sultan, is harder.