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The Rum Diary Sinks Like a Rummy in a Large Pool of Rum

I was wondering how this film was doing. Over at PopCrush, the inestimable James Lileks lays it out for us:

Meanwhile, heads are scratching: why did it tank? Bad week for small films? Depp’s appeal on the wane? People like him only when he’s piratical? Perhaps because word of mouth was like halitosis: The movie got a C minus from people who actually saw it, and Hunter S. Thompson’s appeal may not be as universal as some suspect.

The last part is undoubtedly true. I’ve long considered Thompson to be massively overrated, bordering on the laughable. But then, I’m only going by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and his excreable column from his later years (“The Vikings struggled back like a drunk who doesn’t know who just hit him, but the deep dark doom was upon them…” ad infinitum). However, I just plain doubt that your average moviegoing audience even knew that this was a Thompson book. To make a film of The Rum Diary is, cinematically speaking, to make a prequel to F&LILV. Yet the studio didn’t market it as such.

Curiouser and curiouser.

They also didn't offer a free rum runner to every patron over 21. Which would have been fun.

“I’m Not Stupid. If I lose money by hiring someone, I’m not going to do it.”

Another business owner flees California.

I’ve sold my house in Irvine, and am in the process of purchasing a home in the Las Vegas area. I will be in a much friendlier business environment, with a lower cost of living. The home I’m purchasing is nearly double the size of my current home and costs almost 50% less than what I sold my current home for.

Keep in mind, this is what Paul Krugman says doesn’t happen.

The Black Hole of Murdered Words: A Love Letter to an Anonymous Man Who’s Funnier Than I Will Ever Be

Regected Riter (sic) may well be the funniest writer’s blog out there; certainly in my experience. Anyone who’s ever had to eat a rejection letter should love AG’s hilarious cut-and-paste of his own rejections (which he thereby, in his own terminology, transforms into regections). A salient example:

Dear AG,

Thank you for applying to the We Are Edgy Because We Wear Our Sunglasses Indoors and In the Dark Lab this year. We enjoyed skimming through your work while hung over and on the toilet and getting to know your voice by pretending to read Not As Edgy As We Are.

But that may not be the best part. The best part may be AG’s ludicrously apt cartoons, usually of himself, in MS-Paint. Such as this gem from his most recent post, discussing the oft-given bit of writerly advice, “sometimes you have to kill your darlings”:

I hate him for being this funny. Which is how I justify stealing his art.

I don’t know how many people ever considered using MS-Paint’s very amateurishness as a satirical device. I do know that I have to lock my jaw into place to prevent the laughter from exploding out of me in big loud “HA’s”.

So I salute AG: One Of the Funny Anonymous Ones.

Hello World. Good-Bye, Blogger.

This move has been under way in my mind for some time. I have been with Blogger since 2003, and have never really been happy with anything I’ve created there. Nothing has quite fit my needs. I’ve tried one kind of blog, and another. Right now I have a politics blog, and a music blog, and a Live Journal, and sometimes even thinking about it exhausts me.

So here I am.

I sold a handful, I think.

The plan is to sell and spread and carp and criticize and analyze and yammer. Which makes it one voice among the multitude, I know. But this voice has my name on it.