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Solar System Blues

A Man escaping nuclear war, on a spaceship containing the embryos of humanity, battles with his clone-daughter to secure the future.

“an exhilarating read” – Grace Eliot, Self-Publishing Review


The Devil Left Him

A new retelling of the Temptation of Christ.


The Party At the Last Tomorrow

Drugs. Birth. War. Apocalpyse.

“Fascinating. Well-Written.” -Kindle Customer


Void: An Existential Sci-Fi Monster Tale

How do you fight the aliens when the aliens are your crew?


Stir: A Book of Poetry

A set of verse composed between 2007-2017.


The Short Cool Summer: New Poems 2018

Poems from the summer of 2018, composed under the rains.


The Meditations of Caius Caligula

The “mad” maligned third Emperor of Rome, the assassinated Little Boots, gets his chance to correct the record, to meditate on his office, his family, his necessity. Fans of I, Claudius, if not necessarily Marcus Aurelius, will enjoy.

“Refreshingly Unique” – Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer