Picking Keywords

This post linked from Mad Genius Club is a few years old, but for an SEO noob like myself, it’s a good way to start. I have my doubts about ever mastering it, but I won’t get any better just sitting here. For Example, War To The Knife (Laredo War Trilogy Book 1)‘s main categories are: … More Picking Keywords

Quite of the Day

“Start ridiculously small. Create vision for something as simple as getting out of bed. See it with complete, brilliant clarity. Then execute. Memorize the feeling of success. Repeat ceaselessly.” -from “The Nine Laws” by Ivan Throne

Culinary Discoveries

I’ve been told by my Unnamed Journal collaborator Mike that Goldfish pairs well with scotch. He may have specified cheap scotch. This has led to pairing Cheez-it’s with Dewars and Goldfish with Wild Turkey. Both are satisfying. And that’s how the line up for the next issue of UJ was set.