A Defense of Brutus?

Over at Signature Reads, a review of Barry Strauss’ The Death of Caesar. Strauss’ take is that the assassination, whatever the particular motivations of the various actors, was at root a defense of liberty and an attack on tyranny, and so ought be commended. Now, I’ve written on this topic myself. Back in 2016, I argued … More A Defense of Brutus?

One Must Engage to Get “Engagement”

At least, that’s the practical upshot of this otherwise jargon-free article about using Facebook to increase your awareness. Useful in that it advocates not trying to make Facebook into something it isn’t. Facebook is an absolutely amazing platform to build and grow your business. What’s even better than that? It’s absolutely free to use! The … More One Must Engage to Get “Engagement”

Cirsova #7 is Out

Good sci-fi and fantasy in the grand pulp style. Link goes to Amazon, image ganked from editor’s wordpress blog. You get a good bang for your cover price. The issue I have is chock full of interesting takes.

Viruses are Bad Things. Why is “Going Viral” Good?

This post is worth reading in full: Viral. Defined as a piece of information that is circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another. Usually it’s a video of a pet doing something silly. Usually. I have been chasing this for almost six years now. Dreaming about one of my posts going viral. … More Viruses are Bad Things. Why is “Going Viral” Good?

The Aging Hero: a Thorough Defense of The Last Jedi

I mentioned in my Series of Thoughts on the Last Jedi the whole “Messiah Can Only Save You Once” aspect of the Hero. Robin Rowland does a more systematic Defense: connecting the tragic tales of King Arthur, Odysseus, Theseus, and others. In a nutshell, when the hero ages, the time of his glories pass, and … More The Aging Hero: a Thorough Defense of The Last Jedi