Unnamed Journal

A swirl of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Pulp, and snark, served hot quarterly.

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A woman tries to escape Lockdown in “the Papers”. We give advice on How to Day-Drink properly. Man fights man over Squirrels. And a reflective memoir of “The Bombs I Never Met.” Click here to Buy on Gumroad.

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Year 5:

  • Volume 5, Issue 1 – A Cut Across Space. Geological horror awaits in “The Barrens.” Wizards attempt to bridge an ideological gap while a kingdom’s fate hangs in the balance in “Negotiating Magic.” “The Emperor’s Justice” is a man on a lethal mission to uncover corruption and betrayal no matter where in the cosmos it may be.
  • Volume 5, Issue 2 – Numbers. We cover the difficulties of “Selling your Magazine in an Anarchist Bookstore”. Caligulia returns to share his thoughts on War. Then a man’s life is weighed by the Masters of the Dao, and the Drunk Vampire Hunter returns again!

The first six issues, available on Amazon.

  1. Consider Yourself TriggeredMidget-slapping, transpeciesism, and academic parodies.
  2. Like Sheet Metal on a Cheese GraterBathhouse shenanigans, Zombies with feelings, and kitten commands.
  3. The One We Forgot the Tag Line For. The Mystery Bathouse concludes, A man hunts a dragon, and feminists get library fines.
  4. Come Sample Our Word Salad. We interview the Staten Island Fairy, We have undead job interviews, and we quip most quippingly.
  5. Vulgar, Vague, and Slightly Suggestive. Home invasions, strange couples, and an interview with Cthulu. Also contains the first chapters of Void.
  6. Don’t Worry, Your Parents Won’t Approve. Genies deal with ISIS, chapter 2 of Void, and we get shamed over the Ghostbusters remake.

All of the material for Year One is collected in the Year One Omnibus.