The most serious parody of a literary journal, ever. Currently issued quarterly on Joomag, free to read. If you subscribe, we’ll send it to you in your email. You literally have to do nothing.

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Year 4:

  • Volume 4, Issue 1 – Caligulia Hates Tomatoes. A man is released from captivity finds the world not quite as he remembers it in, “Blood Was Every Color”. The tension is heightened in the latest two chapter of “Ulysses & the Fugitive”. Thomas Fitz rails about tomatoes. And we close out the issue with more Meditations from Caius Caligula.
  • Volume 4, Issue 2 – The Green Mountain. “Ulysses and the Fugitive” rounds the corner into the Third Act with some acts of courage and love. Rand Thrax deals with some odd cultists in “Cantilever Jones Swings Low”, and Drunk Vampire Hunter returns in “Witch Please”.
  • Volume 4, Issue 3 – My Big Red Rocket. Part 2 of “Cantilever Jones Swings Low”, the last 4 chapters of “Ulysses and the Fugitive”, and the essay “The Pagan Sorrow of Game of Thrones.”
  • Volume 4, Issue 4 – Death Drinks Pumpkin Spice. We get some clean, brutal clone-hunting with “A Case in the Empire of New Texas”, the gripping conclusion to “Cantilever Jones Swings Low”, a Svengali against a werwolf in the “Jonathon Macoon” script, and some hardcore Thud & Blunder in “The Sword in the Cave”.

Year 3, in which we went quarterly:

  • Volume 3, Issue 1 – Deer-Man Rides a Harley. Two chapters of Ulysses and the Fugitive, the plot of Star Wars gets Goth in The Chamber of Pain, A Drunk Vampire Hunter sends a monster back to hell, and Caligulia ponders family and a life free from absurdity.
  • Volume 3, Issue 2 – The Flying Saucer. A man distracted on his way to his date with destiny in First Person; a chance encounter with a Hollywood kingmaker in Liver of Darkness; a barbarian countenanced through time travel in The Barbarian on the Shore; a rant about nerds in Ogre did Nothing Wrong, and the adventurous next three chapters of Ulysses & the Fugitive.
  • Volume 3, Issue 3 – Ankor Wat is Burning. Aliens and Burning Men in the newest chapters of “Ulysses and the Fugitive”, Things that go bump in the night in “Breakdown”, An interstellar smuggler makes his way in a war zone in “Cantilever Jones Lands Hard,” and Caligulia shares his romantic life.
  • Volume 3, Issue 4 – Psycho in the Woods. Things come to a head for “Ulysses and the Fugitive”, Space monks battle death troopers on an abandoned planet, and The Drunk Vampire Hunter makes use of a wendigo.

Year 2, In Which UJ Moved to Joomag:

  • Volume 2 , Issue 1 – F**k Man, The Monkeys. In which Infinite Monkeys form a union, our kitten overlords send another message, and clones get sued.
  • Volume 2, Issue 2 – Like a Slip n’ Slide, but Less HPV. In which Jackie gets Screeded, indulgence and madness in Nothing Was Wrong, and Lovecraftian gardening happens.
  • Volume 2, Issue 3 – Chill, Naught from Cold. Our WWI-centenary issue. Kaiser Wilhelm finds his hands tied, men become beasts in the trenches, and cold cold Scarecrow love.
  • Volume 2, Issue 4 – Far Out, Man. We space most spacingly. Final three Chapters of Void, and we become the aliens in The Tribe.
  • Volume 2, Issue 5 – FistedA bunch of angry violence. Chapter 1 of a new Serial novel, some blood and thunder fighting of beasts beyond the dark in “The Dying Goddess”, and post-apocalyptic Borgs are battled in “The Filth of Living”.
  • Volume 2, Issue 6 – See the World, They Said. A lot of new beginnings here. First chapter of our new serial novel Ulysses and the Fugitive, Caligulia inaugurates a series of his discovered Meditations, and a man has an awkward drunken conversation with death in “The Guy Came Out”

As we add issues, I’ll update them here.

The first six issues, available on a pay-only basis.

  1. Consider Yourself TriggeredMidget-slapping, transpeciesism, and academic parodies.
  2. Like Sheet Metal on a Cheese GraterBathhouse shenanigans, Zombies with feelings, and kitten commands.
  3. The One We Forgot the Tag Line For. The Mystery Bathouse concludes, A man hunts a dragon, and feminists get library fines.
  4. Come Sample Our Word Salad. We interview the Staten Island Fairy, We have undead job interviews, and we quip most quippingly.
  5. Vulgar, Vague, and Slightly Suggestive. Home invasions, strange couples, and an interview with Cthulu. Also contains the first chapters of Void.
  6. Don’t Worry, Your Parents Won’t Approve. Genies deal with ISIS, chapter 2 of Void, and we get shamed over the Ghostbusters remake.

All of the material for Year One is collected in the Year One Omnibus.