Unnamed Journal

A swirl of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Pulp, and snark, served hot quarterly.

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Unnamed Journal, Vol. 1

November 2015 – September 2016
  1. Consider Yourself Triggered. Midget-slapping, transpeciesism, and academic parodies.
  2. Like Sheet Metal on a Cheese Grater. Bathhouse shenanigans, Zombies with feelings, and kitten commands.
  3. The One We Forgot the Tag Line For. The Mystery Bathouse concludes, A man hunts a dragon, and feminists get library fines.
  4. Come Sample Our Word Salad. We interview the Staten Island Fairy, We have undead job interviews, and we quip most quippingly.
  5. Vulgar, Vague, and Slightly Suggestive. Home invasions, strange couples, and an interview with Cthulu. Also contains the first chapters of Void.
  6. Don’t Worry, Your Parents Won’t Approve. Genies deal with ISIS, chapter 2 of Void, and we get shamed over the Ghostbusters remake.

All of the material for Year One is collected in the Year One Omnibus.

Unnamed Journal, Vol. 2

November 2016 – October 2017
  1. F**k Man, the Monkeys. What happens when Infinite Monkeys unionize, the struggle to recognize the rights of clones, snarky listicles, Void continues.
  2. Like a Slip N’ Slide, but with Less HPV. Evil vegetables, dead Kennedy’s, the dangers of acid, yet more Void.
  3. Chill, naught from Cold. The centenary of America’s entry into WWI is celebrated with some trench fiction, More unmitigated gall from the Catakuri, Scarecrow love, and a fifth chapter of Void.
  4. Far out, Man. A Science-Fiction swoop. Aliens make first contact in The Tribe, and the final three chapters of the Void novella.
  5. Fisted. Post-apocalyptica, the first Tygg & Drea story, the beginning of Ulysses and the Fugitive.
  6. See the World, They Said. A man chats awkwardly with Death, Ulysses and the Fugitive continues, The Meditations of Caius Caligula begins.

Unnamed Journal Volume 3

January – October 2018

What’s black and white and red all over? Volume 3, where we went quarterly! Also the Volume that displayed the content titles inside.

  1. Deer-Man Rides a Harley. Bad Aphorisms, the first Drunk Vampire Hunter Story, a Space monk confronts the Absolute. Also, new chapters of The Meditations of Caius Caligula and Ulysses and the Fugitive.
  2. The Flying Saucer. Three new chapters of Ulysses and the Fugitive, Car crashes, fragmented fantasy, unfindable parties, and Nerd Culture is pilloried.
  3. Ankor Wat is Burning. A star smuggler accidentally blows up his ship, Caligula ponders the affairs of Venus, dead stand-up tropes become zombies, and U&TF rolls on.
  4. The Man at the Crossroads. Wendigos, Deathguards, and Fugitives.

Unnamed Journal Volume 4

January – October 2019

Volume 4 is Dark, man. It’s just.. Dark.

  1. Caligula Hates Tomatoes. Rage at the collapse of America. Rage at the necessity of War. Rage at tomatoes.
  2. Green Mountain Tunnels. A little Rand Thrax, A little Drunk Vampire Hunter, a little Ulysses and the Fugitive. It’s comfy as an old slipper.
  3. Rocket Man. After Rand Thrax tries to get the Cantilever Jones away from trouble, after Ulysses and the Fugitive rounds its corner, we ponder The Pagan Sorrow of Game of Thrones.
  4. Pumpkin-Spiced Death. A bounty hunter kills drones, Tygg and Drea fight a fell beast and each other, Rand Thrax saves the day, and a playscript of a boy saved from psychological monsters.

More issues will be available soon, so check this space!