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“I Don’t Work for the G-d-Damn GOP”

Jonah Goldberg, explaining why he’s not voting Trump.

This is what I’ve been saying to myself for the last month or so. I don’t owe the GOP my vote. They don’t own my franchise, I do. I not only have the right, I have the duty as a citizen not to give my legal assent to something that displeases me. And if Hillary wins, so goddamn be it. But I live in a state that hasn’t given it’s EC votes to a Republican since I was 8 years old. There is no purpose to me holding my nose for the Great Orange Hope.

And it must be pointed out that for all their gleeful trollery, the alt-right crowd has a point. What the hell has the conservative movement conserved? What the hell has the GOP actually accomplished when they’ve been given the keys? I mean, aside from holding firm on the Second Amendment, which is really the one area of successful pushback we’ve had in the last several decades.

I’m tired of the charade of voting these clowns in, so they can find the most strategic way to only hold the left to half of what it wants, for now. I’m tired of them railroading the actual, committed conservatives so they can elect another Bush scion or sellout. Trump is what they deserve for playing that game too long.

Frankly, the GOP can go screw itself with an endive fork.

Read the whole thing.

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No, Ed Rendell, a Majority of Women are Not Ugly


I get what he was trying to say, but even then, his statement isn’t right. Ugliness, like beauty, is comparatively rare.

A definition of terms: Ugliness is not mere unattractivenes; it is repulsiveness. Ugliness means aversion, nausea. Natural selection ensures that only a few people are actually ugly.

We must of course concede that aesthetic statements have an inherent subjectivity. The vast majority of American women will get the chance to reproduce their genes. Someone will find them beautiful, or beautiful enough. A particular shape in the eye or mouth, a certain lilt in the voice, these and other factors will charm some men but not others. One man will fine in one woman the thing he has been longing for, another man will look at the same woman and see nothing at all. The vast majority of women, like the vast majority of men, are merely average.

But knee-weakening, brain-melting, induce-grown-men-to-act-like-schoolgirls-at-a-Beatles-Concert beauty? They are exceedingly rare, and that is probably a good thing.

Of course, it’s lame that Rendell apologized. We really ought to learn to let such obvious brain farts slide.

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Larry Correia Won’t Vote Trump, Either.


He posted on Facebook that he said so, and reaped the whirlwind of idiot Facebook comments. He re-posts his post on the blog, with edits responding to each genre of protest, and it is a delight.

A few delights:

WHAAA! NO LABELS! You shouldn’t call people Trumpkins!”

Forgive me No Labels Police. Writing out Coalition of Authoritarians And Low Information Voters Motivated By Anger And Fear Who Are Now Fully Invested In A Cult of Personality That Will Allow No Dissent got a little long to keep typing.

This is a good one:

Lots of You Sound Angry. Well, yeah I’m angry. A plurality of half wits picked the most uniquely unsuited candidate in Republican history. Duh. But I’m also perfectly rational writing about it. We might be at the fall of the Roman Empire, but at least I live in Byzantium.

Well. Played. And then there’s this, which defines the bright line that keeps me from his camp.

Then lots of posts from the despondent republicans rationalizing having to vote for an authoritarian clown, because he might be better than the harpy.Truly, I feel for you guys. I get why you’re doing it. Just can’t in good conscience pull that lever myself. Have fun explaining, defending, or owning all of his terrible decisions until November though.

Not just until November. That’s only if he loses. If he wins, you’ve tied yourself to him for the next four years.

And I won’t. I just won’t.


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When Did the Left Lose its Goddamn Mind? or, David Jaffe is a Glorious Winged Twit

Who is David Jaffe? A director of the God of War video game series (The director? Co-Director? Wait, I don’t care). And apparently the experience of making a series based on a doomed Spartan warrior bloodily defying the Gods has made him a grumpy feminist who hates prom (don’t they all?)

Now, the first tweet is bad enough. Some kids go to prom and they co-ordinate the colors of their dresses/tuxes, and stage a picture in which the girls open the shirts of the boys, revealing superhero shirts underneath. Cute, right?

But no, not cute. Sexist and irredeemable, because the girls are all doing one thing and the boys are all doing something else, and this is the worst thing ever.

Now imagine, for a second, a prom picture with the roles reversed. The girls reveal superhero status and the boys look on (obviously the boys can’t be pulling the girls outfits open, because that would be exactly like a violent rape. Do try to keep up). Would anyone complain about it? Would anyone care? Would I do anything other than roll my eyes while leftoids fell over themselves applauding it’s bold countering of gender norms? Of course not, because I don’t feel the need to make myself a hateful pest over kids doing kid stuff.

I mean, if I worked at it,  I could reframe this in Red-Pill terms. Oh, the boys require girls to reveal their heroic nature? The boys can’t be heroes on their own? Men have no value in and of themselves unless blessed by the company of women?

If you think that interpretation preposterous, then you should be able to see why Jaffe’s is, too.

So why can’t Jaffe just let this pass? Why can’t he go “I see you kids. Cute,” or even “Whatever?” What makes him brim with self-righteous suffering at something that wasn’t meant for him?

Is this really the most important thing for us to be fuming about? A callout to a superhero trope in a prom picture? Really?

But then he doubles down:


Let’s go ahead and stipulate his actual argument: People willingly participating in something does not make it morally acceptable. On that, we agree. But that argument is generally reserved for people who are happily doing something morally wicked, such as you know, lynching people.

But this is kids taking a prom picture. It’s not even kids taking a prom picture that calls out something bad. It’s not white kids dresses up as Klansman or Nazis or ISIS (which would be really bad, because appropriation, you guys). It’s a callout to one of the oldest, most widely-recognized superhero tropes, in which the hero reveals himself as a hero. When did this become unallowed? When did this become something you compare to a group of murderous vigilante racists? How the %*$& do you even do that?

Let’s give David Jaffe a break, and assume that he did not think very hard about that tweet before he put it into the world. I’d like to believe that a moment’s reflection might have made him reconsider the wisdom of the comparison he was making. Currently, he’s “sad” that everyone his being “mean” to him for “sharing his thoughts.” But Twitter doesn’t reward reflection, so here we are, with this reflection of Jaffe’s un-examined prejudices, which is that kids doing something cute at prom is hateful and horrible, by default, unless it redeems itself by bowing to the correct ideology.

I don’t know why the Left is like that. I don’t know why they hate everything they look at. But I know that I’ve been perceiving it since I was a kid:the hateful, venomous condescension masquerading as righteousness. And if past experience is any guide, they will never, ever, see what the rest of us see when they do this.

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Jeff Goldstein: Let the GOP Go the Way of the Whigs. Time for a New Party.

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So the question becomes, what are Republicans to do with a Republican party that would allow a progressive populist boasting Mondale’s trade policy and McGovern foreign policy — that is, a leftist Democrat that looks for all the world like an angry and retouched Circus Peanut — to carry its flag? And the answer is simple: get the hell out and don’t look back.

The Old Boy’s back. Savor it.

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And Now, Some Throwback Political Dudgeon

Yes, I changed the theme again. I wanted some red.

I used to have a Blogger blog devoted solely to politics, Revolutionary Nonsense. It’s been five years since I wrote anything there, but when the primary campaign produces its inevitable disappointment, I occasionally meander over there to see if anything from the time when I pretended I was an amateur pundit holds up.

Here is one such, from the summer of 2011, when the first glimmer of the total decadence of our political class came clear to me: Thieves, Liars, Whores, Swine and Gilded Fools: A Four-Letter Dissertation on Politics.

No, I have no animus for the Rangles and Byrds of the world of politics. Thieves are thieves, and eventually they end up robbing themselves. I reserve my true hate for the ones who claim not to hunger for graft or power but for a Square Deal for all Americans, the ones who claim that it is time to put politics aside and do the People’s Will. Proggies have been shilling that line for a century, and it’s the biggest pile of dinosaur shit there is.

The People don’t have One Will; that Rousseauist fantasy builds nothing but guillotines. The People are a multiverse of conflicting dreams, desires, and ideology. They have no Main Line from which silken-voiced princes with first-rate temperaments can eternally suckle. 40% of them hate Democrats, 40% hate Republicans, and the rest would rather everyone just play nice. You cannot claim a Mandate to do whatever the hell you please on the basis of winning 51% of such an electorate. It is a house built on quicksand.

The People’s Will is a fantasy, and I hope that Obama knows it. Bill Clinton did. That man was as gifted a liar as politics has seen in a while, but he was a better whore. And whores know that it doesn’t matter what the john wants if you get extra for the service. So if the john wanted to hear that The Era of Big Government was Over, then Billi would make that sound pretty coming out of his mouth. He knew the tricks; he knew the game; the People (or 60% of them) loved him.

Here’s another: I am the Wrecking-Ball Right

It is the knowledge of this ignored benefit, this silent payback, that animates what Reich calls the Wrecking Ball Right, the awareness that the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, and the politicians are the true Ruling Class of this country. And like any ruling class, they will self-aggrandize, to the ruin of the nation unless checked.

The time for that checking has come. We are in debt for trillions upon trillions of dollars to pay for our Ruling Class’ follies. They have turned our heavy industry into scrap-heaps, our cities into wastelands. A drive through any part of Baltimore City shows the marks of the kind of “strong, effective government” that Reich wants to save. A city with one of the best harbors and shipyards on the Atlantic coast is home to block-upon-block of empty, collapsing rowhouses, which only the desperate and the criminal use. Only the names of the politicians on campaign posters above the streets change.

Robert Reich’s social model of government as the counterweight to the wealthy is yesterday’s panacaea to society’s ills, snake-oil and laudanum peddled by confidence men weeping crocodile tears. We’ve had a Department of Education for over forty years, and American schools fell behind almost every industrialized nation. We’ve had a Department of Housing and Urban Development for over fifty years, and every middle-class family who could afford to bought houses in the suburbs. We’ve had a Department of Health and Human Services for the same time, and not a soul has anything good to say about our health care system

It would be bad form to link only to my own stuff, so here’s an almost-throwback post on The Other McCain. I say “almost-throwback” because it’s not a dissertation on the folly of Third-Wave feminism, but an old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone rant against the great Conservative-Boob-in-Good-Standing, David Brooks.

Oh, there’s a reason I always walked out a room whenever David Brooks walked in. Restraining my Jacksonian populist urges requires conscious effort sometimes, and it’s best not to risk an assault charge.

Look what he’s made me do here. I’ve endorsed Trump for pure spite. The worst thing David Brooks can imagine is Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination, but what would be worse for Brooks — what he cannot even imagine — is for Donald Trump to be elected president.

Let us rekindle our Jacksonian spirit, America. Let us ignore the advice of David Brooks and ask ourselves, “What would Old Hickory do?”

If Trump ends up becoming our 45th President, this is how he’s going to do it – you may detest the man, but he’s the enemy of everyone who’s the enemy of you.

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Observing the Election as a Disinterested Bystander

I’m voting for Gary Johnson. That means I don’t care enough about NotHillary to make NotHillary President. That means I’m a bad Republican, a bad patriot, and a dirty cuck.

At least, so speaks the voice from the whirlwind of Twitter, right now.

My thoughts are thus:


And I mean that. I’m not playing the game this time, following the polls, watching the back-and-forth between the American equivalent of Cersei Lannister and Mace Tyrell. One of them is going to win. Neither of them represent me.

I’m interested in whether Scott Adams’ persuasion framework about Donald Trump turns out to be right. If it is, then we’ll have found a new way to think about politics. If it isn’t, I can go right back to not paying attention to the thoughts of Scott Adams.

I’m interested in whether Hillary can keep the mask  on long enough to win the White House. If she can persuade enough American voters that she is a responsible leader. Her operating meme, carried over from 2008, is that she’s the adult in the room, the responsible leader. But getting outflanked on the left by Bernie Sanders has made the shrill come out. If and when she sews up the nomination, she will get the chance to pivot to the center, especially against Trump, who has specifically set himself up as a firebrand.

So the question is: can Trump sell “not-crazy” better than Hillary can sell “not-incompetent”?

I don’t claim to know, and in any case I’m giving my vote where I best like it. Everyone else may do as they please. I won’t judge a single #NeverTrumper who caves on Election Day. I’m expecting most of them to do it. They usally do.