I’m Not a Particularly Good Catholic

Which is why it took Stacey McCain’s epic blog post on Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe malfunction to remind me that I should follow His Holiness on Twitter. Something to confess this Saturday before Armageddon arrives the following Friday. Mea maxima culpa.

When this story first trickled through the media, it was reported that the Pope would not follow anyone, nor re-tweet. But the first thing you’ll notice is that the Pope follows seven people: Who are these seven?

Himself, in seven other languages.

I mean, a Triune God is one thing. A Septune Pope is enough to frighten even the doughtiest ultramontanist.


Let Us Now Discuss Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

I mean, I have better things to do, but I’m low on the energy right now. Plus, I feel the need to provide a palate cleanser after posting that Leann Rimes picture.

Foredoomed it was that when the Dark Knight Rises decided to make the obvious move from the Joker to Catwoman and Bane, that controversy would result from the casting. Bane is one of the newer Bat Villains, so anyone would do for him. But Catwoman may be as important to the Bat Universe as the Joker. Alone among his foes, the Cat brings out something good in the Bat, and reminds him that he’s a man, rather than merely a shadow with extensive MMA training.

"Hush" was a good series.

So the chatter I’ve picked up is that Hathaway won’t be half as good as Michelle Ppppfeiffer was in Batman Returns, on account of being too “nice” and “girl next door” and whatever. This may end up being true; I don’t know. But I have a couple of objections to it: Read more