Background/Update on the Vi Ripken Story

Police are still looking for the guy, who seems to have abducted Ripken, drove around with her for a few hours, and then let her go:

…investigators are trying to answer the main question and are hoping that surveillance cameras at a Baltimore County Royal Farms and a Diner will provide them with clues.

The suspect got gas and food at the station as he drove around for hours with this woman who is a pillar in her small community.

Now the suspect is still at large in this case and Aberdeen police say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

They’re getting help from the feds and police agencies around the state.

Curiouser and curioser.

Cal Ripken’s Mother Kidnapped, Found.

Now this is just odd.

ABERDEEN, Md. – Vi Ripken, the mother of Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken, Jr., was kidnapped at gunpoint Tuesday morning, according to the family.

She was found in Aberdeen, evaluated on the scene and refused medical treatment.

She is now home with family.

So either these are the worst kidnappers ever, or the ransom got paid lickety-split. The family statement leads me to the latter view.