On the Cake-Baking Front of the Culture Wars…

Should Christian Bakers have to make cakes for Gay Weddings?

If you think they should, then should Gay Bakers have to bake cakes with messages in support of traditional marriages?

Because Gay Bakers seem to think they don’t.

This raises more questions. Should Jewish Bakers have to make cakes with Swastikas? Should Muslim Bakers have to make rum cakes?

What if They Found a New Oppressed Group and Everyone Laughed?

If you’re not reading Stuart Schneiderman’s excellent blog, Had Enough Therapy?, you should be.

Today he doesn’t even have to attack “childism” — the preposterous notion that children are unfairly oppressed — because the New York Times does it for him.

Until taught to do so, kids can’t dress themselves, control their emotions, or distinguish between concepts like ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow.’ They are, by nature, ‘unreasonable and selfish,’ in the words of Thomas Phelan, author of the parenting classic 1-2-3 Magic. ‘Inferior,’ in fact, seems like a fair word to describe them. Perhaps Young-Bruehl’s got it the wrong way around. Only by seeing themselves for what they are—older and wiser, superior to their offspring—can parents begin to do the job right.

Read the Whole Thing.