Butterfly Figure Skater: Duke Bike Rider on Soundcloud

Sometime I create music as well. I consider them sonic doodles. Learning to play an instrument or absorb music theory feels like work. Because it’s work, and with you as your own taskmaster, inevitably you will be ridiculously lenient on yourself. So creating little sonic doodles and throwing them out on to the wild free internet gives you a sense of accomplishment and a reason to keep going.

This track, Butterfly Figure Skater, started as a deconstructed walking bass line, that I added a Guitar counterpoint to. The drums are a sample. It has aspirations to Jazz but is really just Rock.

The artwork is done with Adobe Spark.

Initially, I wanted to record enough tracks to put a 5-song EP on Bandcamp. I haven’t felt ready or had time to do that. And really, for that to be worthwhile, they’re going to need to be… good. And I’m not quite there yet. So this is a way for me to make stuff, get that feedback, and have fun with it.

Because this is fun.

Duke Bike Rider Lives.

You may not know this, but I fart around in my office with music as well. A little bit ago, I made this:

Yesterday, I found some of the tracks that I didn’t put on Yellow, made a new one, and called it Other. Behold.

Each album is a buck each if’n you want to download them for your listening delight.

Of course, I also have these: IMG_2187

So at some point GarageBand, my Blue mono mic, and I are going to create something a bit more guitar-based. Check this spot for future details.