Music Modernization Bill Sounds Good.

I am generally distrustful of bipartisan legislation, especially when the CEO of RIAA is this enthusiastic, but this doesn’t look too bad on its face:

A key provision of the bill is for Congress to establish the equivalent of a SoundExchange for songwriters to track credits and distribute royalties when digital services use their work. The switch to a market-based rate standard for artists and writers, closing the pre-1972 loophole that denied digital compensation to legacy artists and the addition of copyright royalties for producers and engineers are other changes widely hailed as improvements by a wide range of industry organizations, from the Recording Academy and the RIAA to ASCAP, BMI, the American Association of Independent Music and the American Federation of Musicians.

Sounds like a good compromise on the needs of artists and distributors. Establishing the means to accurately enforce contracts is what we have a govenrment for.

via Music Modernization Act Approved by House Judiciary Committee — Variety

Here’s $10, Bring Me the Head of Verizon FiOS

This may get rant-y.

I hate Cable TV. Hate it. I hate skimming through the hundreds of channels looking for the Weather Channel when it storms. I hate Comedy Central’s two-hour blocks of It’s Always Sunny in Danny DeVito’s Career and The Roast of Some Poor Sad Bastard From the 80’s Who Needs to Cover His Mortgage when what I want to watch is South Park and Tosh. I hate every reality show that’s ever been on, ever, going back to The Real WorldRead more