Birther Trump is Not a Birther

So, I was at the gym this morning, and in between sets I tend to gaze up at the TV. The one closest to me always has MSNBC on, which is fine, as it’s good to absorb the framing of the other side (for the record, I’m a declared Gary Johnson supporter, but I’m not very happy about it, which is sort of defeating the purpose. But some rictus in my soul wants not to vote for Trump, and every time I consider doing that, he says or does something that makes me realize that he’s a Democrat in GOP clothing, and I don’t want to vote for the more-tolerable Democrat in the race). And the crew on Morning Joe were discussing Birtherism, and seizing upon it as the way to upend the narrative of the last few weeks. The gist I got from Joe et. al was that The Donald had refused to admit that President Obama was born in the United States, that he was still a birther.

So I get on twitter, and I check on things, and I find this link to the Trump Campaign’s press statment on the issue.

Now, when you read it, you will likely be a) rolling your eyes, b) laughing in admiration, or c) both. Basically, he puts Birtherism on Hillary (which is true, her gang started it in 2008), and credits himself with bringing the issue to a close by forcing Obama to release is birth certificate.


But that’s not what’s important to me. What’s important to me is that the statement, released yesterday, contains these words:

Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.

Now, either the derps at Morning Joe don’t know this, in which case they suck at their jobs, or they do know this and are ignoring it, in which they know what their real jobs are: soulless Outer Party flacks in the business of denying reality for the sake of their Inner Party masters.

I mean, I know they’re a prog network, but this is the willful contradiction of evidence right under their noses relevant to the topic under discussion. How the hell do you even do that?

Of course, I didn’t watch the whole thing, so their may have been one of those “he said it, but he didn’t say it in such a way that satisfies our fine sensibilities” dodges. So I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt as regards the sophistication of their sophistry.

This election…

A Bunch of People Violently Died, Which Means It’s Time for Chris Matthews to Beclown Himself.

And Outrage becomes cliche.

At different points during the day, I had the TV on three different cable channels: Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. None of them have covered themselves in glory — Allah has video of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yammering pointlessly – but Chris Matthews was atrocious beyond description.

The worst part of ideological cocooning lies in how you lose sight of the ability to attribute good or evil outside of your epistemic shell. If violence happens in America, the Tea Party must be to blame, because the Tea Party is the representation of everything I think evil, so every evil act belongs to them somehow.

At present, the “authorities” (not sure if Boston PD or FBI or some combination thereof) are questioning a Saudi national in connection with the bombing. That doesn’t mean anything. They may determine he had nothing to do with it. But I don’t think there are very many Saudis in the Tea Party movement. Call it a hunch.

It’s boring to have to point these things out. It wearies the soul that such folly should stand, naked and unashamed, in front of us all. It’s infuriating that while we are burying our dead, that we have to blame it on each other’s politics. But the Left will have it so. They never let a good crisis go to waste.

“My Bias is Objective, Because I’m Right”

The Wall Street Journal finds the essence of progressive thought very conveniently spelled out.

The anonymous reporter, however, goes far beyond bias, and even beyond bad faith–that is, beyond abusing his credibility as an “objective” reporter to further his cause. To judge by his emails to the reader, he has achieved a perfect Orwellian inversion. He has convinced himself that objectivity and bias (or at least his bias) are one and the same thing.

Exactly. So the press doesn’t need to be fair to conservatives, because we’re wrong. They don’t need to consider our concerns or arguments in an honest manner, because everything we say, no matter how reasonable-sounding, is in service of Wrong, because We’re Wrong. Arguments that we are not wrong cannot seriously be discussed, because they are in service of Wrong, because We’re Wrong. Accusations that this line of reasoning involves the logical fallacy of Begging the Question  is also, regrettably, in service of WRONG, because WE’RE WRONG.

Repeat as necessary.

The Onion Reveals its Raaaaacism

Via The Anchoress, the Parodists of Record wrap a real story in a fake story, causing many to question their true commitment to progressivism:

The New York Times newsroom is reportedly still undecided on whether or not to print a recent letter received from Obama, in which the president threatens to kill another helpless citizen every Tuesday and “fill [his] heavenly palace with slaves for the afterlife” unless the police “stop the darkness from screaming.”

“President Obama’s letter presents us with a classic journalistic quandary,” executive editor Bill Keller said. “If we print it, then we’re giving him control over the kinds of stories we choose to run. It would be an acknowledgment that we somehow give the nation’s commander in chief special treatment.”

Added Keller, “And that’s just not how the press in this country works.”


Do Read the Whole Thing.