Micheal Moore Argues With Micheal Moore

Fat Bastard in 2010: ObamaCare is Going to save us all, even the Republicans! (Fisked for you entertainment)

Pudgy McHeartstop in 2014: Let’s face it, ObamaCare is Terrible.

Granted, Mikey’s the Whale is just engaging in the standard leftward pivot that almost everyone who was paying attention predicted back in the day, the thrust of which amounts to “Gosh, we TRIED to work with the existing system! but it’s just not salvageable. Nationalized Health Care, please!”

But when a feckless troll contradicts himself so blatantly, it’s worthwhile to point out how much the public consciousness has shifted on Our Lord and Savior’s signature achievement. Even the progs think they can gain prog-cred by attacking it.

That bodes not well.