The Government Shutdown Criszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

I do not care. I do not, do not, do not care. Caring, in this circumstance, I will not do. I am right out of damns, sh*ts, f&^#s, and any other expletive, to give. I am living my life to the total exclusion of how all of this will work out. I have considered the matter and found it unworthy of my attention. I have neither worry, nor involvement, nor interest.  Any statements to the effect that I have any concern are hereby inoperative.


So I’m not posting about it. Go see Protein Wisdom, who cares slightly more than I do.


This, My Progressive Friends, is What You Voted For…

The New York Post has the skinny on what ObamaCare is going to do for us.

If you get your health insurance through a job, you might lose it as of Jan. 1, 2014. That’s when the new “employer mandate” kicks in, requiring employers with 50 or more full-time workers to provide the government-designed health plan or pay a fine. The government plan is so expensive, it adds $1.79 per hour to the cost of a full-time employee.

So you can land on Park Place with a Hotel, or you can land on Boardwalk with 4 houses. Or you can Go to Jail.

When you file your taxes, you will have to show proof that you are enrolled in the one-size-fits-all plan approved by the federal government. It’s mandatory, starting Jan. 1, 2014, or the IRS will withhold your refund. If you’ve been going without insurance, or your employer drops coverage, your options will be enrolling in Medicaid (if you’re eligible) or buying a government-approved health plan on your state health exchange.

Which I’m sure will be very reasonably priced.

If you’re a senior or a baby boomer, expect less care than in the past. Cuts to future Medicare funding pay for more than half the Obama health law. Hospitals, for example, will have $247 billion less to care for same number of seniors than if the law had not passed. Hospitals will spread nurses thinner. California nurses already are striking over the increased workloads.

Hmmm. It’s almost as though mandating something doesn’t, of itself, create more of something! Such puzzlers, these economic questions!

For the first time in history, the federal government will control how doctors treat privately insured patients. Section 1311 of the law empowers the Secretary of Health and Human Services to standardize what doctors do. Even if you have a private plan from Cigna or Aetna and you paid for it yourself, the federal government will have some say over your doctors’ decisions, with an eye toward reducing health-care consumption.

Are the feminists listening? The people who wail unto the heavens that they don’t want the government controlling what a woman does with her body?  Are they now understanding what they have crawled over broken glass to vote for? Hello? Is this thing on?

But hey, free birth control, right?

Which is Yiddish for “I support your right to choose not to have my baby.”

Via Protein Wisdom.

Harriet Miers Would Not Have Saved Our Bacon, Or A Message to the Ignorami on My Side of the Aisle

Please shut up about Harriet Miers.

Harriet Miers was not nominated for the post on the Supreme Court that went to John Roberts. Harriet Miers was nominated for the post that went to Samuel Alito, after conservatives had this reaction to Harriet Miers:

“B+ Candidate, my ass…”

So please stop all references to Miers vis-a-vis the ObamaCare ruling, such as “Harriet Miers would have voted against this,” or “Second look at Harriet Miers?” It’s idiotic. If Miers was on the court, Roberts would have done exactly as he did do.

And why so certain that Miers would have voted with us? Remember why we didn’t want her in the first place? I’ll bet you anything you like she’d have been spooning with Ginsburg, and we’d have had a 6-3 decision. Alito voted with Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy.

John Roberts either betrayed us, or wussed out. He’s the problem. Winning the Presidency and Senate while retaining the House is the most viable solution.

Unintended Consequences, ObamaCare Edition

Jeff Goldstein embraces — outlaw-style — the new federal power to tax:

Writing my congressman to demand that liberals be “taxed” for not carrying arms, going to church, and driving battered old F150s.  You know, for the costs to society of not being prepared, conscienced, and self-reliant.

Welcome to your bright tomorrow, comrade.  Once you get the hang of it we’ll tax you for not drinking Jim Beam.

Sure, it’d work about as well as Augustus’ marriage laws. But so will Obamacare. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity it will afford me to troll my proggie friends on Facebook.

Jim DeMint Calls For ObamaCare Resistance

From that evergreen source of real news, Ace’s sidebar. This guy is not kidding.

“The President’s health care law must be fully repealed as all of its promises have proven false. We were told it was not a tax hike, but this ruling confirms it is an unprecedented and enormous tax on the poor and middle class Americans. President Obama needs to explain why he is enacting this middle class tax hike over the objections of the American people during the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

“We were told it would lower health costs, but health care premiums are exploding. We were told that Americans could keep their personal health plans, but millions will now lose it. We were told it would improve our economy, but it is now the largest obstacle to employers hiring new workers.

“This government takeover of health care remains as destructive, unsustainable, and unconstitutional as it was the day it was passed, unread, by a since-fired congressional majority.  Now as then, our first step toward real health care reform and economic renewal remains Obamacare’s full repeal, down to the last letter and punctuation mark.

“I urge every governor to stop implementing the health care exchanges that would help implement the harmful effects of this misguided law. Americans have loudly rejected this federal takeover of health care, and governors should join with the people and reject its implementation.”

Game on.