The Lord is a New Creature – On Jim Morrison’s Poetry

For reasons that will probably be clear in retrospect, I have begun listening to the Doors again recently, especially their final album. The popular wisdom has it that L.A. Woman, despite having the worst of all the band’s album covers, was a powerful comeback that ranks among their best. Which, considering they only had six,… Read More The Lord is a New Creature – On Jim Morrison’s Poetry

Rimbaud Dreams of War

Jean Artur Rimbaud wrote strange prose-poems in the Belle Epoque. He was an exceedingly odd duck: not ostentatiously wierd like Van Gogh, but the sort of man who could drop everything and spend his final years as an arms-dealer in North Africa. He’s kind of like William Burroughs, except his stuff is short enough so… Read More Rimbaud Dreams of War

An Illumination

Here’s something I wrote, in a short burst: You must, In each blue moment Embrace your Freedom. And in the sickly wilderness of intention, Recognize the you that intends and is free. Fine. Sure. But what does any of it mean? What was I thinking about when I scribbled it my journal? Because it sounds interesting.… Read More An Illumination