The First Lady Really Hates on Fatties, eh?

That’s not fair. What it really says is “The First Lady Targets Obesity in the Military” (h/t: Memeorandum). And the URL reads:

Remember when such language was considered uncivil, contributing to an atmosphere of hate?

Anyway, the First Lady argues that overweight soldiers are a national security problem. This has the virtue of being true. And her solution seems to involve restricting the diets of soldiers.

I actually have less of a problem with this than you might think. Soldiers, being subject to military discipline, are restricted in a variety of personal ways. This is necessary to maintain order and unit cohesion. So the government has a compelling interest in keeping its soldiers healthy.

The Nannyism comes in when the interest gets expanded to soldiers’ families. And I follow the argument: the government has to pay for the health problems of obese families of soldiers.

All of which explains why I don’t want the state to have to pay for citizens’ health care in the first place. And unless you really want the unelected spouse of any President sticking her nose onto your dinner plate, you shouldn’t either.