Nada Surf and the Importance of Band Names

I like Nada Surf. They’re a band. And I like them. I own precisely one of their records, an EP. So why do I say that I like them?

Honestly, it’s because I like the name. NadaSurf. What does it mean? The absence of surfing? A specific kind of anti-surfing? The surfing of the Great Nothing? What would that even mean?

According to an interview, it refers to

“something much more existential, it’s just surfing on nothing. Being lost in your head or in your imagination but you know, whenever I listen to music I always find myself off somewhere. Somewhere in space. You know, in mental space and it’s a reference to that.”

In other words, daydreaming. I always thought they sounded a big shoegaze.

But is that why I like it? Did I, on some semiotic, unconscious level, get that about them?

Or did I just like the way the words sounded together?

Maybe I’ll try and figure that out. And maybe get one of their albums.

If I Look Different, It’s Because the Black Keys Melted My Face

Went to see them at the Verizon Center in DC last night. The Arctic Monkeys opened, and they sounded good enough for me to want to check them out.

The Black Keys, on the other hand, were off the chain. The kind of show that makes you feel like you saw something special, like Zeppelin in their 1972 tour.

I’m going to be writing a review for WHFS’ web site, and I’ll link when I have it up. For now, enjoy this video of “Next Girl”