New Cover Art, Right of Revolution and Little Guerrilla Platoons

Pursuant to Yesterday’s post, here’s new covers for old works. One is a glorified essay, the other a “Long Short Story” (Novellette?). They’ve been published a while, but I’ve never liked their cover art. These are better:

ror I do the philosophical justifications of Rebellion, as understood by The Bible, by Jefferson, by Marx. It’s a pondering.Link Here
tlgp This is fiction, and what you might call Suburban Realism. I like it. Link here.

I’ve also updated my Books Published page to reflect these changes.

How To Hate Homeowners Associations, Build Flagpoles, and Influence People

There was a news item some time ago about a veteran who wanted to put a flagpole in his backyard and was denied by his HOA. According to Snopes, the political pressure arising from the controversey led to the HOA backing off. But a similar story arose late last year.

Gary Pittman lives in Rock Hill and asked his homeowners association for permission to fly the U.S. and Marine flags on a pole in his front yard.

Legally, his HOA can’t say no to the U.S. flag, but it did deny him placing the pole in the yard.

As soon as Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke reported this dispute, viewers contacted Stoogenke with their stories, including an Air Force veteran who said he went through the same issue years ago and even ended up moving because of it.

So this is apparently a thing. And it became the genesis of a piece of fiction on my part, a mini-book if you will, now available on Kindle:


Also available on iBooks, if you’re into that sort of thing.