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The Havamal is a collection of sayings attributed to Odin, Lord of Battles, Most Wise and Most High. Much of it is advice on wisdom. Some of what is said here is specific to the time and place of Medieval Scandinavia and needs to be considered with that in mind. But much of it if […]

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I Know Everyone’s All Excited About Peyton Manning….

…and it’s good to see him whup the living crap out of Pittsburgh, but I’d like to point out that the Vikings also won.

And how did they win?

Petersen had 84 yards and 2 TD’s, for thing.

Chris Ponder was solid, 20 for 27 and 270 yards passing, no picks, for another.

But more to the damn point, they toughed out an almost impossible situation. The Jaguars scored with a minute to go to bring the game to 21-20. Then they got the 2-point conversion.

At this point, most teams would have given up, eaten the win, and started talking to the press about all the things they did well that week.

Instead the Vikings rallied, and hit the long field goal to tie it up. Then they gave the ball to Petersen and he put them in range of another field goal. Which they got.

I’ve almost never seen the Vikings do that. They have a tendency to fold under pressure. This was a most refreshing tonic indeed.

The Good Greatsby Owns the Packers

But he’s prepared to buy low and sell high:

I should make clear, just because I’m prevented from owning another team doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to sell my share back to the Packers in the event someone wants to give me a majority in an NFL team for Christmas. (Note: Please don’t buy me the Miami Dolphins. Or the Seattle Seahawks. Or the Chicago Bears as long as Jay Cutler is the quarterback. I’ve asked around and nobody is sure whether the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars still exist, but if they do, I’m not interested. Cincinnati Bengals need not apply.)

Note that he does not mention the Vikings, which is rather a glaring omission for a Cheesehead. Or he completely dismisses the notion that anyone would want to own the Vikings; the sagacity of which I cannot dispute.