Current Writing Progress

I’m somewhat stalled in a Western novella, but making slow progress.

I’ve started outlining (!) a fantasy novel, but I haven’t committed to starting on it yet.

The fifth Chapter of the The Meditations of Caius Caligulia is going well, and will be in the next issue of Unnamed Journal. UJ is going to be next-levelling pretty soon, I’ll devote a post to that later this week.

There’s probably going to be a Drunk Vampire Hunter story in there as well. Which reminds me, I should devote a post to Drunk Vampire Hunter, as it’s one of my favorite new things to play with in UJ. It might become a novel at some point as well.

Irons are in the fire, I just need to tend them.


The Western Ain’t Dead.

I have a lingering love of the genre, and one of these days may yet pour out the Western novel that’s been a-brewin’ in me since I was a tad. For the nonce, I’ve created a Medium Collection devoted to Western-ness, and a fine fellow has contributed a story to it: High Moon – Westwood. I invite you to check it out.

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