The Grand Deletion

My initial plan was to make changes to this site subtly, but visual issues with the theme required a new look, and when combined with the scale of the changes I’ve made on social media, that became more appropriate. So, in brief, let me relate what’s happening:

  • My Tumblr blogs are deleted. Every Damn CD is hereby inactive. I’m going back to listening to my music instead of reviewing it.
  • My Podcast, Thumbs Down/Thumbs Up, is undergoing changes. When I decide on a new format, I’m going to post it here, instead of through Podbean. The Shallow & Pedantic Podcast will continue without changes.
  • An ancient blog project, The Teacher’s Dictionary, which withered on the vine, has finally been executed. I may revive it in another form later on.
  • My Facebook Author page has also been deleted. It was more of a firewall than anything else, and my Facebook no longer requires a firewall. Posts will continue to be shared on my normal Facebook page.

Other things, of no interest to anyone here, have likewise gone the wayside. Whatever merit they had, they did not achieve the success I wanted. Reading Cam Newton’s Deep Work (a book I recommend) has made me consider concentration rather than multiplicity as the thing most needed in a blog. A million cross-postings are of no value if I cannot drive the traffic here.

I’ve been through these changes periodically in my long history of blogging; reaching for the new in order to combat the frustration of feeling like you’re shouting into a void. What I haven’t done is get the right content under the eyes of the right readers. Hence, quantity must take a back seat to quality. Nothing else matters.

Thus, what I intend as the final form of this web site, and my career as a blogger. I’m making this statement publicly, as a promise to hold myself to. This is a blog about writing, about content creation, and about aesthetics thereunto pertaining. Beauty is truth, and truth, beauty. And all that cal.

Read on, friends.

Changes and Additions

First off, I’ve ditched the custom URL. Decided it wasn’t worth the cost. I’ll keep the address as plain, unless I decide to buy a custom Content Blues. Which I might do.

Secondarily, another theme change! Last one was too artsy. The content was getting hid, and I was never satisfied with the typeface on the background.

Third, I’ve added a page to link all my Tablo books. Those are where all the production is being done now, anyway. Both Void and Party at the Last Tomorrow have been updated since I last posted.

I think an Unnamed Journal page may be necessary as well. Back later!


Theme-Hunting and Other Follies

I know I do this randomly and seemingly out of a sense of restlessness, but this time I think I may keep it a while. I’ve soured of the giant-header themes: no one needs to scroll through an image to get to the content. This one is clean, has the content front and center, and has a nice little Connector tab up top.

So you can hunt me down on Twitter, and Google+, and read my Tumblr, which is an ongoing project of going through my CD collection, and even look at my Youtube and Vimeo channels if such be your delight.

Bonus Internet points for anyone who can name all my rogues gallery at the end of the song above.

That’s all. I’m keeping off the wider internet so as not to be spoiled before I see Force Awakens on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend.

My New Look.

Thus far, this blog has been everything I could have hoped for. I’ve gotten more hits, more comments, more followers, the whole deal.

The only thing I wasn’t happy with was the look and feel of it. So I’ve made some changes.

First of all, no more blogroll. Based on my stats, no one was clicking over to the sites I like because I had a tiny link to them off to the side. Updating them is a pain and rarely noticed, unless you make a post mentioning it, in which case what was the point of making the blogroll addition? It defies everything we are told about blogging:

Blogrolls are static; blogs are fluid. I might make a page of Recommended Blogs later on, but I’m going to have to conceive of a reason to first.

Secondarily, I wanted to clean the place up. Too much gobbledygook and not enough white space. The colors I was playing with on the previous theme were boring me. Tag Clouds and Archives don’t, to my mind, deserve such pride of place as they often get. They’re down at the bottom now, where they belong.

Sixth and lastly, I like making these changes. WordPress makes it easy and quick to shift the look of your blog to something stark and eye-popping. That’s a feature I should take advantage of at regular intervals. We learn to blog by blogging. So expect them from time to time.

To Conclude, a personal note. I thank all of you who have liked, commented, and clicked through to read these offerings. You’ve sustained me in the hope that I might just make a go of this after all, and after nine years of blogging, that means a good deal.