Yeah, that’s what I took from the news that he’s now working with Tom Jones.

Jones is taking part in Third Man Records‘ Blue Series of singles, which features songs produced by White at his Third Man studio in Nashville. For his single, Jones recorded “Jezebel” and the blues song “Evil”, made famous for Howlin’ Wolf. Previous participants in the Blue Series include none other than Stephen Colbert and the Insane Clown Posse.

White’s been doing this for years. He seems to love nothing so much as giving an old artist with an established but decreasing name a shot in the arm, trading hipness for recognition. Having Tom Jones dust off and old Howlin’ Wolf song is perfect according to the same pop logic.

In other words, White is placing himself at the crossroads of the constant recycling of old trends, which is the Trend of Trends. In this post-modern musical world, he is the Constant.

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