…for not being liberal enough.

This is why I didn’t get so excited as others on the starboard side over Taylor Marsh’s denunciation of Obama. She was upset with him over being insufficiently supportive of abortion rights. And for all the dramatic thrust of the closing statement, Marsh isn’t going to actually vote for the GOP candidate next November, even if it is Ron Paul. She will find a way to convince herself that Emperor Golden Dancer deserves her vote.

This happens every election. Voters jump like Olympic gymnasts on and off the party bandwagons, denouncing their respective allies as corrupt, unprincipled swine, only to denounce the other side as dangerous corrupt, unprincipled swine a beat later.

I am no exception. I remember strongly echoing Jeff Goldstein’s dictum: “I will not, will not, vote for John McCain.” Well, guess what I did three Novembers ago?

If anyone actually believed that someone in the Democratic Party had the fortitude to challenge Obama in the primaries, or if Captain Corvair announced another run of the Spoiling Green Party, then liberal discontent would matter.  If anyone thought that liberals would consider this election so unimportant as to sit it out, then liberal discontent would matter. But so long as whoever wins the GOP nom has to keep the Tea Parties happy, the liberals are going to be scared enough to clamp on the clothespin and do like I did last time.


  1. Unfortunately, you’re right. I keep saying that I’m not going to vote for Romney but I probably will. Or maybe I won’t. That photo is so darn true.

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