Apparently “Santorum” is Catholic for “Huckabee.”

Personally, I don’t expect much to change in South Carolina. Last time ’round, South Carolina was supposed to be the last bastion against John McCain.

South Carolina makes a good last bastion.

Fred Thompson Will Rise Again!

More to the point, Gingrich has once more demonstrated his tactical incompetence. Who the hell told him that going after Romney’s business record was going to play well in a Republican primary? (h/t: Instapundit) Layoffs are part of the business cycle. Republicans are supposed to understand the business cycle, or at least, not attempt to make hay out of it. Apparently Gingrich got it into his head that if he made lefty-ish noises about unemployment, he could poach some of Ron Paul’s Occupier mob. Gingrich is just smart enough to be that stupid.

So now Mitt Romney is the champion — no, really — of capitalism. And it only took three years of Barack Obama to make capitalism look awfully nice.

So Santorum has no carrying power, Gingrich is intent on blowing himself up, which leaves Rick Perry to stand athwart party tradition yelling “Stop.” Perry’s gotten better in the debates, but I don’t think he’s gotten good enough. He hasn’t made the case for himself in a compelling way. He may have done himself too much damage to really recover from.

And if that’s true, then barring a sudden, sad, final groundswell for John Huntsman, Mitt Romney is gonna be our guy. Unless we all decide to go full-Goldwater for Ron Paul, in which case, we should start practicing our curtsies.


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