Ace of Spades would be the one still upset that her football-star boyfriend is out of the running for Prom King, due to an academic supsension, even though, like spluh! he’s obviously better looking and cooler than anyone else, and they’re all just jealous for not seeing it.

Other McCain would be the one constantly talking up her new boyfriend with all the ardor and devotion that she used to talk up her previous boyfriend who got expelled under rumor that he’d impregnated a freshman.

Protein Wisdom would be the one who decided that she didn’t even want to go anymore if the Class President becomes Prom King, as is expected, because he’s so lame and people only like him because his dad is rich but he’s totally two-faced, and she would maintain this position the harder when her friends tried to convince that she totally should go, because, PROM!

UPDATE: Nothing, not even unflattering portrayals, stops Other McCain’s gentlemanly use of Rule 2. And he sneaks in a bit of Rule 5 in the process! I bow to the master blogger.

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