I don’t share the panic over the continuing Story of a Primary Gone to the Dogs. In 2008, we spent the entire winter and spring watching Hillary and Obama slug it out.  Limbaugh encouraged conservatives to register as Democrats to keep it interesting. Everyone got tired of the drama, and assumed that the winner would be weakened for the general.

How’d that turn out again?

The GOP is changing. What was acceptable pre-2009 is now
RINO-hood. Obama has done that. By ballooning the size of governmhet and the debt, The president has pushed us out of the small-ball, incremental conservatism that Gingrich worked in the 1990’s. The base wants to go big, or stay home.

Unfortunately, the right candidate has yet to emerge. The experienced candidates are tainted by their insufficiently tea-party past, and the ideologically acceptable candidates can’t convince voters that they have the chops. The only candidate with both experience and ideological suitability, Rick Perry, did not bother to prepare himself to be a candidate on national television.

So here we are, and where we go, no one knows. The fight between Romney and Gingrich isn’t over, no matter what happens in Florida. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum’s First Second Look is in full swing. And Ron Paul is still there. Whoever wins is going to have convince the base that he wants what they want, and convince the Establishment that he knows what he’s doing. I don’t know if any of them have figured that out. But I figure by spring, one of them will.

And all the frustration will find its new and proper outlet.

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