Today I wish to dispassionaly discuss Sheila Jackson-Lee. Sheila Jackson-Lee makes my soul despair for the nature of man. Sheila Jackson-Lee makes an argument for authoritarianism every time she opens her mouth. If Joseph de Maistre were to concoct a fictional character to demonstrate to the known universe the folly of democracy, he would have blanched at creating so obvious a caricature as Sheila Jackson-Lee.

It’s not just that she thinks Nixon was impeached when he wasn’t. Such abounds in the poorly educated. It’s that she claims this inaccuracy as a consequence of having “scanned the annals of history.” Everyone is ignorant of something; it takes a Congressperson to elevate her ignorance to an authoritative statement.

And then follows her eloquent peroration:

Because most times, no matter whether we are a divided government, which I’m arguing for vigorous take-back of the House by Democrats and the win of the president, because we have proven, in the 21st century by those who are elected by the Republicans, you can’t have an effective democratic divided government under the likes of this thinking.

Can we truly be living in a society which has repeatedly elected a Representative who expresses the most basic of political ideas (we need to defeat the opposition) with the malapropic incompetence of a beauty queen? Is there really a district of Americans that listens to this babble and says to itself “Yes, she misspeaks for me”?

Worst of all, outside of right-wing blogs, no one will even bother to point it out. If Jackson-Lee were a celebrity, or a Republican, her yammering would earn bales of laughter from society both polite and impolite. Remixes of her speech would appear on YouTube. But she’s a Democratic Congressbeing, and the media has a blind spot with regard to things they sayd. The press will ignore this in the interests of decorum and civility and sensitivity and tone. I mean, it’s not like this person has influence over how the money taken from my wallet is spent or anything.


    1. The difference is in the style of stupid. Wasserman-Schultz is your archetypal brain-dead idea-regurgitating proggie, who would be unremarkable if not so prominent. Jackson-Lee, on the other hand, combines the intellectual capacity of a banana slug with the grandiosity of an opera star. It’s a perfect storm of idiocy.

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