…Hobo Hunting Licenses hardest hit.

Basically, its the 2010 Delaware Senate election all over again, wherein Ace inveighed for Rockefeller-ite Mike Castle rather than crypto-wiccan and professional campaigner Christine O’Donnell. The comment threads during that period brimmed with sightings of RINO horns and proclamations of doom.

Except this time, he’s capitulated to the Stormin’ Mormon, to the point of trumpeting deeply weak accusations of Flip-Floppery against Rick Santorum (for just how weak, see Protein Wisdom). True to form, the comment threads are hitting 1,000 plus as a matter of course, and the salty tears of rage on all sides are picquant and delicious.

And why? Because someone somewhere has dubbed Romney “electable,” that mystical invocation powerful enough to propel John Kerry to the 2004 Democrat nomination. How did that work out again?

In any case, aside from the Daily Doom™, there’s no point in reading Ace for politics until the general election. He’s not going be satisfied until all the Not-Mitts are dead and buried, or every social conservative is driven from his site, whichever happens first.

Pity the man. He was so effective in underlining how much Romney sucked, his audience believed him.

To read what I have thought about these primaries, click here.

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