Before my daughter was born, I went to several ultrasounds with my wife. It never occured to me that the procedure was something being forced upon her against her will. It was part of the process. Not sure I’m getting how that’s rape, unless everything that breaches consent is so defined. If the baby passes through your vagina when you’d intended a C-section, is it raping you?

Little Miss Attilla expounds on the issue:

What is the alternative way, other than a sonogram, to judge the approximate size and developmental stage of a human fetus? I will tell you: the nurse practitioner (or doctor, or nurse, or clinic worker) places one hand on top of one’s pelvis, and the other hand in the vagina, and evaluates the size and age of the baby that way.

There is no way to judge fetal age without putting something into a woman’s vagina, and in most states it’s illegal to perform an abortion without establishing fetal age—it’s just that one technique provides a less accurate, less detailed picture than does the other.

After which, she discusses the relative discomfort of a) rape, b) an abortion, and c) an ultrasound, all of which she has experience with. Read the Whole Thing.



  1. I’m not sure my post helped, though, in the case of the law in Virginia: so many people got the impression that the law itself dictated a trans-vaginal probe, when in fact for most early-term abortions it would likely have been an abdominal ultrasound.

    So although I meant well, I should have refuted what people like Dahlia Lithwick were saying in terms of what the law exactly said, rather than taking the tack of “even if it did violate one’s va-jay-jay, that’s not much when stacked up against an abortion.”

    1. I take your point: when faced with the possibility of something getting inserted in the most delicate of places, reason is apt to quit the field.

      But proportion is sorely needed. We are apt to assert imperial control over a thing which we did not make, and from which we are expelled without our consent: our bodies. There’s a place for privacy; there’s also a place for ethics.

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