Sometimes, just for a giggle, I put myself in the mindset of someone who believed that when the government takes over an operation, said operation becomes more efficient and less fraught with petty tyrannies. I really try very hard to believe that people who work for the government operating according to a Hive instinct, and so think of nothing but satisfying their mission of SERVICE rather than use the perquisites of their office to settle scores and lord it over those peasants not fortunate enough to bear the King’s Writ.

Fortunately I can usually stumble across something like this before the headache starts.

Now let’s consider, just for a second, that rather than express an inconvenient, politically incorrect truth, that Mr. Jones had said something actually racist. You know, something really offensive and bigoted, which denigrated an entire people and expressed an assumed superiority of his own ancenstry. Let’s say that such occurred.

So. &#%ing. What?

Why is it the task of Airport Security to police passengers for racist utterances? What has that to do with Airport Security? Why cannot they let the other passenger tell Jones to shut his prejudiced pie-hole, if it bothers them? Why can’t everyone have a good and frank dialogue on race, provided that tempers spill not out of control?

Because the exercise of power on the part of the state is also an exercise on the part of the proles, who must learn to obey their betters?

I thought so.

Arbeit macht frei!

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