It seems as though everyone had something to celebrate from last night’s primaries (except of course, Ron Paul. Doubtless he had a moral victory). I watched most of the speeches last night, and these are the impressions they made on me:

  • Newt Gingrich came across as a bulldog, but a bulldog that spent way too much time talking about the past. No one cares about 1994 right now. We know your record, that’s the only reason you’re in this thing at all. And making specific reference to your debate skills sounds like desperate resume-plumping (even if he managed a decent quip about Obama’s teleprompter).
  • Santorum, speaking off the cuff, came across as sincere, but wandering. When Santorum is on, he speaks with great clarity about fundamental liberty and the looming tyranny of the Progressive Leviathan. But he needed the focus and passion of a Presidential candidate. Last night sounded more like the warm-up speech at a PAC dinner.
  • I went to bed before I was done watching Romney’s speech, but what I saw was good, by the standards of the evening. He drew sharp contrasts between the President and himself, and made the hard sell of himself as the relief for working Americans. Santorum talked about this too, but Romney’s lines were polished, and for Romney, sincere. Best line of the night: “I say to these Americans, that you have not failed. I say that you have a President who has failed you.”

So what’s the upshot? There isn’t one. Romney grabbed more delegates but didn’t put either guy away. Santorum is prepared to go to the convention if need be, and Gingrich, with a win in Georgia and an endorsement from Sarah Palin, has what he needs to keep going.

Which means that . . .


  1. When it comes to delegates, Paul is playing a different game. Although you would expect winning a state wins It’s delegates, it doesn’t. As it seems that no candidate will have enough delegates to cause a majority so it will be brokered. The delegates become unbound a can vote for their own personal pick. What Paul went about doing was make sure his people become the delegates. This has a profound strength in Paul’s position. If the convention goes brokered Paul will have the power to win. Delegates for Paul right now appear as Romney and Santorum delegetes (Santorum in reality only has less than the advertised delegates).

    1. You may be right, but I can’t see a majority of delegates deciding that Paul is going to be the guy to take us home. However passionate his supporters, his negatives among everyone else is too high.

      1. Most of those delegates are there just to vote for Paul. That is what the media doesn’t understand, they are likely not going to change their stance once they can vote for Paul. It will be a battle for sure.

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