I mean, the guy’s abstinent. Guys aren’t abstinent, unless they’re ugly, losers, or closet gays. Right?

I mean, she's obviously a beard, right? Right?



  1. Crowder IS very ugly, that much is virtually indisputable. So ugly that the fact that he is so ugly may alone suffice to explain why he must resort to abstinence. However, he is clearly gay as well. When I first heard of him a couple years ago, he was so full of flamboyantly gay mannerisms and effeminate traits generally, I just took it for granted that he is a Log Cabin Republican. Of course, Crowder’s (obvious) latent homosexuality explains his heavy-handed homophobia. And that chick is DEFINITELY a beard!

  2. Well for a guy who’s not gay, he sure loves to dress in drag quite often lol.

    I’m not a liberal but that guy is just an embarrassment no matter what side of the isle you’re on – he’s not funny, he just comes across whiny, sheltered, and has little to know real world experience whatsoever – makes me think “Asperger’s” – he may be abstinent, but it’s definitely not by choice.

    That’s basically just the “nice guy’s” way of trying to deal with feelings of inadequacy which come from not being good with women, and it’s bunk – the “abstinence is better” myth is also bunk, scientifically, socially – the idea that sex and meaningful relationships are mutually exclusive is proven false – in fact the “abstinence” mentality actually harms marriage and relationships, because it takes the “love” aspect out or relationships and simply turns it into what amounts to a business contract, and simply results in young people rushing into bad relationships just so they can finally have sex. This is why the most religious states have the highest teen pregnancy and divorce rates – or why many who don’t divorce more or less just put on a show and force themselves to remain in a loveless “marriage” – only because they’re simply too embarrassed to get a divorce and publicly acknowledge that the marriage isn’t working.

    I won’t resort to immature playground name-calling, I’ll just say that “choosing abstinence” is about the equivalent of going vegan – If you want (or have) to do it, then do it, but anyone insecure enough to make it their life’s mission to judge others about it has way deeper problems than anyone who’s (gasp) had sex, or eaten a hot dog will ever have, lol. These “abstinence” nutters are basically the sexual equivalent of PETArds, except there’s actually far more practical benefit to going vegan.

    1. I can’t agree with any argument you’re making. The assumption that a couple must have sex in order to be “love” strikes me as particularly odd, and indeed, rather tyrannical. Do you not see the sweeping generalization you’re making?

      Also, the implication that anyone in this day and age is shocked by sex, necessitating a dull “gasp” joke (and nice texty “lol” as punctuation, just in case we didn’t get it), strains credulity. Sex is not shocking to anyone: not to the lustful, not to the abstinent. If anything, sex has become banal. Any desire you could ever have or feel has an entire online community ready to cater to it for a credit card number. It’s utterly boring, and so is the need to cast out the badthinkers with assumptions about their insecurities (freshman psych rears its ugly head).

      For my part, I find Crowder’s videos plenty amusing. He’s at least as good at ironic mugging as Colbert.

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