and according to Walter Russel Mead, even Democrats are eventually going to have to embrace this reality:

Republicans and anti-blue statists will want to fix this because bad government is big government and takes a terrible toll on the economy (cumbersome procedures, bad decisions, a large and expensive staff). But smart proponents of a strong federal government will also want to change this status quo because the state as presently constituted is simply not able to take on all the missions they would like to see addressed.

That’s all well and good, but Andrew Cuomo aside, I don’t see the Democrats acknowledging this reality yet. And it’s going to be harder for them to do so, because so many of their key donor groups are dependent upon the old system. For every Cuomo, there’s two Martin O’Malleys who are doubling down on stupid.

The real question is, can we create a “post-blue model” before we become Detroit?

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