Elizabeth Warren: Daughter of the Confederacy

So apparently Elizabeth Warren, who to all appearances is whiter than Denis Leary doing an impression of Bryant Gumbel, can actually conjure up a single drop of exotic non-honky blood, in the person of a Cherokee great-great-great-grandmother. To which I can think of no better response than a hearty “whoop-de-do.” No doubt every thirty-second corpuscle feels delightfully oppressed by the other thirty-one.

But Stacy McCain points out a startlingly pertinent fact: That the Cherokee were allied with the Confederacy during the Civil War, and Warren may thus be elgible to join the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

“We are Good Old Rebels, Paleface.”

In a just world, someone in the press would ask Warren how she feels about her oppressed ancestors’ ancestral oppression of others. Handy having that protective (D) after your name isn’t it? Unless she gets caught in bed with a live girl or a dead boy, she hasn’t much to worry about…

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren: Daughter of the Confederacy

  1. Great post. But I believe it has come to light that Warren’s ancestor was involved with herding the Cherokee onto the trail of tears. Still a great post!


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