The only remaining mystery of the first great Twitter Scandal concerns the identity of the person, “Dan Wolfe,” who spotted the original WeinerPics and sent them round to the media. Certain people seem desperate to discover this mystery. I can’t see why; what would it change? Weiner still sent pictures of his wiener to nubile co-eds who were not his wife. That’s the only part of the story that anyone cares about, or should.

But that breathing tower of awesomeness Ladd Ehlinger has a perfectly reasonable theory, which has the good sense not to suggest any names:

The most realistic supposition, to my mind, is that “Dan Wolfe” was a social-media opposition research team for a political campaign.

If you’ve ever worked on a political campaign – and I’ve worked on lots and lots of them – then you know that opposition research is a time-honored tradition. There are people who specialize in such work, which has been made much easier by teh Internetz. Sometimes the work involves not just Googling your opposition, or checking out their FEC records, it involves checking out what they do on Twitter and Facebook, if your opposition happens to use social media.

And Weiner loved him some social media.

Sometimes we bloggers forget that the driving force behind political events are (wait for it) political campaigns.

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