Roxanne de Luca Explains That Whole “Sex Averse Succubus” Thing…

… to Stacy McCain’s complete satsifaction.

As much fun as it is to fisk Traister over her use of “sex-averse succubus,” is that not a perfect description of lefty feminism?  Traister brags about Sandra Fluke’s robust bedroom life – thus, “succubus” would be somewhat apt – but Traister also believes that Justice Clarence Thomas terrorised Anita Hill with his sexual mojo (or whatever it is that Hill’s backers believe).  In the mind of a liberal woman, sex exists for a woman’s pleasure only, and the pleasure and drives of their (sometimes) male partners are considered ancillary to the whole endeavour.

I guess National Offend a Feminist Week came late. Just like Rebecca Traister’s boyfriends.


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