The Confusion of Bill Maher and My Answer

Via Mediaite, Bill Maher doesn’t get why conservatives are “so mad” at Obama.

Commenters on the site are equally confused. So I offered a response:


Why conservatives are mad at Obama: a short list.

1) He’s a Democrat. We tend not to trust such. They tend to be hostile to us. Call it a reflex.
2) The Stimulus. It sucked. Claims that it saved the economy are curious, inasmuch as the economy is (unexpectedly!) hardly any better than it was. Like a true-blue progressive, Obama ran the full Keynesian playbook, and the ball moved hardly at all.
3) The Auto bailout. Obama moved hell and high water to protect the UAW from the consequences of 30 years of sticking a banana in the tailpipe of our Auto industry. The Unions got to keep on keepin’ on and the taxpayers got Chevy Volts.
4) ObamaCare. Yes, It should more properly be called “PelosiCare” after the legislative genius who told us we would have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. But Obama signed the thing, putting himself squarely in the camp of his party’s left wing. Whereupon he started granting waivers to any institution with sufficient pull (upwards of 1000 now).
5) Fast and Furious. The government gave guns to Mexican drug cartels and got a U.S. Border Agent killed. None of this is in dispute, and Eric Holder acts as though even discussing the matter is an annoyance that someone in his position shouldn’t have to bother with. Questions start getting begged.
6) The Endless Tax Rates Kabuki. Because the President, despite his own party’s deep ties to the financial service’s industry, can’t miss an opportunity to play at class warfare, we have to pretend that raising taxes on anyone (aka “letting the Bush tax cuts expire”) is a good idea in this economy. It isn’t, and it just contributes to the chaos that’s slowing down the recovery.

That will do. Claims that the President is a moderate centrist don’t pass the laugh test. He was elected on “Hope” and “Change.” That means a progressive, and the list above (which is just what I could come up with from the top of my head, and is by no means exhaustive) should provide ample evidence that Obama has governed as a progressive. Conservatives, they don’t like progressives. Progressives are pretty much the things Conservatives exist to oppose.

Claims that said opposition is somehow more hateful or out-of-control than in the past ignores American history. Claims that said opposition results from nothing more than naked racism is a boring ad hominem. If Obama were fully white instead of just half-white, his actions would result in the same full-throated opposition, just as Bill Clinton’s (who was a good deal less progressive than Obama) did.

What I hear, both from Maher, and from a good many of you, having skimmed these comments, is a frustrated query as to why these awful conservatives won’t go away. I can sympathize with the desire to wish that one’s political opponents would vanish. But it’s not going to happen, and raging at them doesn’t make at more likely to happen. Call it “Blowback”.

I look forward to reading your replies about how I’m a hateful racist who wants to whip the poor, reduce blacks to slavery, take the right to vote from women, and am otherwise sick, disgusting, and unsafe at any speed.


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