For Some Reason, the Obama Justice Department isn’t Interested In SWAT-ing…

Stacy McCain:

We are at the point of the story where, if this was a TV crime drama, the detectives would have the suspects locked in a room, confronting them with the evidence and interrogating them for 14 consecutive hours until they cracked.

Is the FBI incompetent? Or — I hesitate to suggest this — has the Justice Department become so corrupted that even the FBI’s hard-won reputation for integrity has been compromised?

One strains to imagine any Republican president, save Nixon, so politicizing his Justice Department. Before Obama, I strained to imagine any Democrat — even Bill Clinton —  doing it, either.

It’s damn near getting to the point were electing Mitt Romney sort of matters. And it’s startting to make this blogger wonder if Obama has moved past mere Jimmy-Carter-fecklessness into pure Nixonian tyranny.

My fellow Americans, let me be clear…


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