On the Aaron Walker Swatting

This is blowing up all over, but Patterico has the key detail:

I just got off the phone with Aaron and he and his wife are a little shaken up but OK. The officers had machine guns but did not point them at Aaron. They were quickly able to determine it was a hoax.

At some point, the SWAT teams are going to start taking in mind the possibility that they’re being played. So the likelihood of anybody being anything other than shaken up by a SWAT-ting diminishes with every SWAT.

Sure, there’s the sense of being terrorized. But has anyone SWAT-ed atcually, you know, stopped as a result? Patterico hasn’t stopped. Why would Aaron Walker.

This sounds like an insidiously clever way of scaring a political opponent. Unfortunately it’s based on a lie. Lies have this habit of getting uncovered.

No Fat Chicks were actually targeted.

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