Lakoff’s Paradox: Why Progressives Fail

Ace links and discusses Zombie’s review of Proggie bellyfeeling goodthinker George Lakoff’s Little Blue Book. The essence of this elegantly fascist tome is that conservatives are mindless scum who do not deserve to be engaged in civil debate.

In other words, what most died-in-the-wool, Portlandia-aspring progs already think. Which is why I will quote only the last paragraph (that you may Read The Whole Thing):

The Little Blue Book is being marketed as an “Indispensable Handbook for Democrats” to help them communicate their values more clearly. But I think that the marketing is itself a ploy. The Little Blue Book was not written to help liberals communicate; instead, it was designed as a feel-good mantra, a comforting rectangular teddy bear reassuring the left-wing audience that they are good people. The book’s real underlying message is this: We liberals are morally superior to our nasty and small-minded opponents; if everyone could just see what was in our hearts, we’d be more popular than those mean old conservatives.

That is the conceptual frame Lakoff embeds in The Little Blue Book: We’re better than you. Progressives can position it carefully on their coffee tables and feel righteous.

Well, that and this:

Worst. Red-Zone Offense. Ever.


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