Sweet creeping Moses, are those fools actually excited about Bill Clinton? Really? REALLY?

Four years after Barack Osiris Dionysius Mithra Yeshua Obama recast the Democratic party in his image and likeness, and cast the Clintons and their wicked DNC upon the ash-heap of history, and now they think this aging Priapus will save them? IT IS TO LAUGH.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the flannel-mouthed swine did well. Billy knows him how to whup up a crowd. But when this game is all over, and tonight’s Obama-gasm bursts, we’re going to be waking up to the same old desolate future, with the same old wax figure presiding over it.

The economy is burning and these clowns are applauding the fiddler.

Every time I think I might be out of the Republican Party, Democrats pull me back in.

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