The Rage That Dare Not Speak its Name

Yesterday I said five, ten, twenty years. But terrorists are not so lazy as that. Now we have a dead ambassador and two trashed embassies, and the Atlantic has called for immediate discussion.

On the short-term politics, one reason why people who have seen previous campaigns always insert, “Anything could happen, but…” when giving forecasts about presidential races is that, indeed, anything could happen. Political races and policy arguments grind their way along, economic trends push slowly in one direction or another, and then from time to time wholly unforeseen events occur. The political ramifications of this event in the United States are nowhere near its most important consequence. But this counts as one of the wholly unforeseen events affecting the political cycle


I’m going to assume at least, that he knows what he’s talking about, because it remains an impenetrable mystery to me. It seems like what he’s most concerned with is how the murder of our ambassador is going to affect the election. But that may be me putting an undeserved spin on all of this.

Mas Fisher is clearer, and it seems he even has a culprit for all of this:

The movie, like Terry Jones himself and his earlier Koran-burning stunt, have received attention far beyond their reach, which would be modest if not for obsessively outraged media. And yet, here the movie is, not just offending apparently significant numbers of people, but producing real-world damage.

Ah, yes. The Argumentum ad Mohammedia: Muslims May Not Be Offended. If Muslims Are Offended, We Will Find a Convenient Honky to Drive Out into the Desert. Because we cannot, and must not, ever express anger or condemnation, except in the most boiler-plate, diplo-code fashion, against muslims who attacked group A because they share the same nationality as Group B, who committed the unpardonable crime of making a movie that muslims did not like. Because Muslims are Allowed to be Violent. It’s in their nature, you racist.

Stacy McCain sums it all up in an elegant tweet:

Robert Stacy McCain@rsmccain

Obama to Libyan Savages: We Apologize for Getting Our Ambassador’s Blood All Over Your Hands.

 For further thoughts, check out this old Revolutionary Nonsense post.


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