Freedom of Speech and Trembling Honkies

Ace’s Twitter beatdown of Will Saletan is noteworthy for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s a refreshing refutation of the notion that the aesthetic quality of the Muslim troll film is at all relevant.
  2. Saletan doesn’t really fight back very hard.

I mean, he offers up a few tired equivocations. Poor Salman Rushdie is invoked. But by and large, he has very little to say, and quits the field post-haste. Which I find most revealing.

I suspect that progs don’t actually believe this “abuse of free speech” very strongly. They’ll assert it, but as a formula which absolves them from the need to speak further. They don’t actually want Terry Jones, or whoever, prosecuted. They just want to be out of the way of the possibility of having to defend some redneck Jesus freak who probably believes that Cain and Abel fought on the backs of dinosaurs. Because even if he has rights, he is a stupid white man, and we will not defend his rights.


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