Profitable Exhaustion

Was out of town for a wedding this weekend, which was nice: a little break-up of the routine, a chance to put on my summer suit. Left Darling Daughter with the Mother-in-Law and spent the night at a hotel. The ceremony and reception were on a converted manor, with trees and a creek. A lovelier spot to have a wedding couldn’t be imagined.

Slept in late at the hotel, which always seems to happen — the bed, after all, is what you’re really paying for. But there’s that checkout time to be contended with: leave at 10:58 and you’re in the clear, but 11:02 means another night. We got dressed with an old Law & Order keeping time for us. When the lawyers show up, you know you’re at the bottom of the hour. We sailed out before McCoy got to grill the guilty SOB.

I tend to believe in benevolent neglect as far as lawn care goes. My father-in-law, who is retired USDA, reinforces this, telling me that the grass will be healthier if I don’t cut it too short. But yesterday the seeds were starting to stick up, so when we got back from Pennsylvania I threw on shorts and a hoodie (it was brisk, but I don’t like to get grass on my pants) and mowed front and back. Then an afternoon of grading with Deadwood on Blu-ray. It gets better with repeated viewings.

This morning I was up early, out the door early, planned my day early, and feel very satisfied with myself. Really quite tired, but profitably so, like there’s earned repose to look forward to.


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