Why I’m Not Talking About Elliot Rogers, and You Shouldn’t Be, Either.

So a guy decides that he’s not getting sex enough, and that he’s gonna kill some people, and that will show them all . . . something.

Read that again. Did you notice the part where it doesn’t make any sense? Like, any at all?

Let’s go with that.

Let’s not turn Rogers into the latest representative of our favored demonologies – mysogynist, beta male, child of divorce, closeted gay, gun culture, feminazis, what have you. A few sophistic flips will make him stand in for any or none of them. And everyone knows that. So unless you’re talking to someone who already belongs to your particular ideological tribe, your learned discourse is going to meet rolling eyes. So let’s just…not.

Let’s not assume any more about Rogers than he was a disturbed young man who decided, quite deliberately and with malice aforethought, to explode, and take as many with him as he could (four men and two women, as it turned out). Let’s not use him, and the pain he’s caused six families, as another excuse to shout at each other on the Internet.

Let’s just skip to the end, where we shrug our shoulders and recognize that whatever was going on in this young man’s mind was beyond our ability to help, and we forget about it. Because it was, and we’re going to. He was sick, and he killed six people. There is no why. There is no answer. Homo homini lupus est.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Talking About Elliot Rogers, and You Shouldn’t Be, Either.

  1. Elliot probally was not a bad guy, I just think hemet a lot of rude women. Sometimes woman can be so rude to guys trying to meet them and reject the guy to make him feel bad about himself just so she can look good in front of her friends or something. Ive had women reject me for “weak male genes” just ecause I’m short and bald. I mean she didn’t have to go as far as telling me that. So if Elliot Roger recieved the kind of rejections that I have gotten, I don’t blame him for what he did. If what he did was make women realize that they don’t have to be rude to a guy that’s trying to meet them then Elliot Rogers is truely a hero in my book and to all the short bald men out there that women don’t give a chance. I just wish he didn’t go out and kill innocent people though that sucks

    1. Dude.

      Many a man has to experience involuntary celibacy. I’ve been there myself. It sucks.

      However, that has nothing to do with what this tool did. How can I make that statement? Because the vast majority of guys who suck at attracting women do not commit criminal acts of violence. Either because they haven’t the balls, or because they have ethical sense, or because deep down they know they’re unattractive schmucks and therefore they deserve it.

      Eliot Rogers didn’t kill six people because he didn’t get sex. He killed people because he believed that his failure to get sex amounted to a crime against the universe.

      Did you notice where that’s a bunch of fruit-loop self-idolatry?

      The problem with Eliot Rogers was Eliot Rogers. Not women, not PUA’s, not feminists, not players. It was him. Just him.

      The law of the universe is that some time or other, everyone endures the cruelty of others. Men endure it; women endure it. If you can’t relate to women in a way that interests or excites them, they’re going to let you know, and it isn’t going to be fun for you. Shake it off and ask yourself “what am I doing that’s provoking this response?”

      I did. Made everything better.

  2. I heard something funny the other day. There’s a fetish for everything, spandex, blondes, high heels and there’s even a fetish for shit, but there’s no fetish for short bald men. Iv’e had one relationship in 1997 that lasted for nine months and yes, she left me because she decided she wanted her future kids to have a chance to be tall. I retired two months ago from the army, now I’m short bald and old. I wish I was rich and had a lot of money that way woman would see me as a taller man as I’m standing on my wallet. I’m screwed.

    1. Well, I don’t know how screwed you are, because you made me laugh twice in that comment alone.

      It’s all in the presentation. If you think you’re worth something, the ladies will agree. If you focus on how you wish you were taller and had hair, that’s all they’re gonna see.

      I’m sure you heard in the army the expression “It ain’t the size of the man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the man.” Same principle works with women.

      So you’re retired. That’s awesome. Kick back, hit the gym, fuck around with old cars, or whatever you like to do. Enjoy your fucking life. Happy is confident, and I hear the ladies dig that.



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