I’m Waxing Philosophical on ThoughtCatalog

ThoughtCatalog is an interesting web site because it’s one of the few places on the Internet where you can reliably encounter diversity of opinion in the comment section. You can actually have a civilized discussion with people you disagree with. That’s a nice feature.

So I decided to contribute something: 5 Things We Should Probably Stop Complaining About.

When a society produces things in abundance, it also tends to produce the leisure to judge things. As the 21st century grinds on, we find ourselves surrounded by vexing irritations, almost all of which we have invented. And while evil and injustice stalk the world with the same strength they always have, we prefer to issue petulant rants about useless ephemera.

Normally they claim a two-week turnaround on submissions, but this got posted same-day, with an accompanying email saying they liked it. So share and enjoy, share-and-enjoyers.


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